These Roles are in Demand Across All Industries

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Whether you’re planning your future career path or are an HR or hiring manager, it’s helpful to stay aware of which professional roles are in the highest demand in today’s marketplace. A recent report from LinkedIn provides an overview.

To zero in on the highlights:

The global pandemic had an immense impact on businesses, industries and companies. During the recovery and reopening period, demand for service professionals has been rising, especially in hospitality. In addition to hotel and other housekeepers, this includes home and hospital, cleaning persons.

While the service industry has experienced high job growth, most jobs that were in high demand before the pandemic still rank highly, including software engineer, JavaScript developer, salesperson and Java Software engineer. Notably – if not surprisingly – new to the top five list is registered nurse.

What It All Means to Job Seekers

Take your time and find the role and company you want as you move forward. A career coach can be a tremendous asset in helping you make this determination, as well as progress successfully through all the steps it takes to get there – from resume and interview prep through your final decision and negotiating your wage and benefits. And if you’re considering a change to a new role or industry, now may be a prime time to make this move.

What it All Means to Employers

The current labor crunch is more than just a passing trend. It’s likely to continue at least through the end of the current decade. Be open to reassessing your talent recruitment and retention processes.

  • The S. inflation rate was 6.0% for the 12-month period ending in February. Although down slightly, it’s still not enough to offset higher costs of living for many job seekers. So, be prepared to offer competitive salaries. As noted in Payscale’s recent Compensation Best Practices Report, 44% of companies planned to offer raises of more than 3%.
  • That being said, the choice of where to work is often about more than just money. Flexible work arrangements and benefit plans, professional and personal development opportunities, inclusive workplaces and work/life balance are all increasingly important.

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