I walked into Accurate Staffing today to inquire about some positions and just wanted to inform you that your administrative assistant is absolutely awesome. I don’t remember her name, but she was very polite, she answered any questions I had, and she took my information to follow up with me in the event something comes up. I truly appreciated her assistance and look forward to speaking with her in the near future.

Donna M.

I am relatively new to this position (although I was a regional supervisor in the field for 7 years prior) and thus far, Accurate is my go to agency in this area. The team you have there has made my transition effortless. It is a joy to work with them. I look forward to continuing our partnership.

Management Company, Operations Coordinator

We enjoy working with Accurate staffing. Your staff has provided people to us every time we have made a request, it has also been timely even when we were unable to give much notice. It has been a pleasure working with Ana Rosales and Caitlyn Imhof. They are the best!

Property Maintenance Company

I can say that working with you and your company made my bandwidth and workload much smoother as far as dealing with a last minute temporary position for a Retail Manager for my company.

You and your team did a great job to say in communication with updates and making sure that we found a great candidate for the role and that is exactly what your team did!

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Global Photography Company

Our experience with Accurate Staffing has just been such a pleasant one from day one.  Everyone is very responsive and helpful, and attentive to the work at hand. I have enjoyed working with Ana, Caitlyn, Rhendi and Brian. All very professional and such a pleasure to work with.

Owner, Locksmith Company

The Accurate Staffing team worked with me like I was the only one that they were working for! I’m very pleased with how they treated me, and how fast they got me a great job. I would recommend anyone to go there for help in finding a job. Thank you Accurate Staffing!

Leo Max

Great experience working with Accurate. The team is amazing and helped me find work instantly. Thank you again for helping me in my time of need. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of work.

Eric Velez

I really enjoy working with Accurate Staffing. The staff is friendly and diligent in ensuring their employees are happy and find the perfect position. I’ve had the best time with the position they’ve helped me get! I definitely recommend Accurate Staffing to people who are looking for the right fit.

Yakeema Bunch

The team at Accurate Staffing is amazing. They always help me out when I’m in need of a job. They thought of me when a new job came up and called me to offer it!

Hunter Poole

With Accurate Staffing, you couldn’t ask for more! Friendly staff, great services, and great assignments. If you’re looking for a temp agency that cares about their people, look no further!

Dominic Fumbanks