Dealing with Decision Fatigue? It May Be Related to COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken its toll on healthcare professionals. In some instances, it has even caused these professionals to experience decision fatigue. What Is Decision Fatigue? Decision fatigue is an issue that can crop up when a person is tasked with making many decisions in a short period of time. In this instance,… Read More »

Our In the Perfect Space Methodology: How The Squires Group Helps Companies Build Great Teams

Navigating today’s labor market is tricky for companies. Competition for top talent is reaching a fever pitch, making it hard for nearly any employer to secure the employees they need to thrive. This is particularly true among companies that rely on conventional hiring approaches, many of which are antiquated and aren’t designed to generate results… Read More »

Tips for Updating Your Resume

You want your resume to hit the mark with employers. To achieve your goal, you need to update your resume accordingly. Otherwise, you may miss out on an opportunity to land your ideal job. There is no one-size-fits-all to resume updates. However, there are several things you can do to evaluate your resume and ensure… Read More »

What Qualities Are Employers Looking for?

You want a great job and look far and wide for career opportunities at top-rated employers. But to date, you have struggled to land your dream job. However, with a clear understanding of what qualities today’s employers are looking for, you can tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly. From here, you can put yourself… Read More »

How to Answer 5 of the Most Common Interview Questions

A job interview presents a great opportunity to advance your career. With a clear understanding of common interview questions, you’re well-equipped to make a positive impression on your interviewer. Plus, you can boost the likelihood of securing your dream job. Now, let’s look at five of the most common interview questions and how to respond… Read More »

What is Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem nursing is a viable career opportunity. It gives you the flexibility to work when you choose, where you want. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions surrounding per day nursing. What Is Per Diem Nursing Exactly? A per diem nurse works per day. For example, a hospital may have shifts… Read More »

6 Emergency Skills New Nurses Need to Know

An emergency can happen at any time. As a new nurse, you need to know how to respond to emergencies. With the right emergency skills, you’re well-equipped to do just that. Here are six emergency skills that every new nurse needs to know. 1. Preparation When an emergency strikes, you need to respond right away.… Read More »

Experiencing Burnout at Work? Here’s How to Respond

Burnout at work is a serious problem, and it must be treated as such. Otherwise, burnout can make it difficult to feel and perform your best at work and outside of it. Worst of all, burnout is unlikely to disappear on its own. If you let burnout symptoms persist, they may impact you long into… Read More »

3 Ways to Encourage Teamwork in Healthcare

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You want teamwork to reign supreme across your healthcare team. Yet, you’re only one healthcare professional. But, there are many things that one healthcare professional can do to promote communication and collaboration across their team. These include: 1. Promote Open and Honest Communication Encourage team members to communicate regularly. This can be done in several… Read More »

Why Effective Communication Is Important In Nursing

Today, nurses are in high demand at hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. To succeed as a registered nurse (RN), you need effective communication. And, there are many reasons why this is the case, including: 1. You Can Quickly Disseminate Critical Information. Generally, an effective communicator has no trouble sharing information. For example, a nurse… Read More »