Finding Your Dream Job: The Advantages of Direct Hire Positions

There are various options when you’re looking for a job and taking the next step in your career, including temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions. While there are good reasons for each option, if your goals include a permanent position with a greater chance of guaranteed benefits and an employer who will invest in you long term, direct hire is the way to go.

A Closer Look at Direct Hire Jobs

Direct hire jobs are generally permanent positions with packages including such benefits as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.  When you accept a direct hire job offer, you report directly to the hiring company, not a staffing firm.

The direct hire process can take more time than a rapidly-filling temp position because employers are committed to a long-term relationship and as such, will not move as quickly through the interviewing and candidate selection process.

  • As a direct hire, you may find that your employer is more likely to be invested in your career growth and development, as their goal is to have you stay with them for the long term. You may have better opportunities to change positions and be promoted within the company. Although nothing is ever carved in stone, because of the job security that’s more probable in a direct hire role, you can focus on career advancement even as you complete your day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Direct hire positions are often appealing to recent graduates and others just entering the job market. Applying for one allows you to enter an industry that interests you, even though you have limited experience. You can often talk to recruiters about such options at college and career fairs.

Even though you’d be reporting directly to your employer once hired, the right staffing agency can play an invaluable role in helping you find a direct hire position – and although it may take a little more time than a temporary position, your agency recruiter can facilitate and expedite the process for you.

What’s important is: your agency does the legwork so you save time, which is especially beneficial if you’re currently employed or have other outside commitments. Services are free for job seekers, and your recruiter will keep your search private and confidential. Also, recruiters search the job market all day every day, so they constantly have a finger on what’s available. Even more importantly, their large networks enable them access to jobs that are not yet – or may never be – publicly advertised. And you can apply their ongoing guidance and feedback to all aspects of your job search.

Need a Staffing Partner?

Accurate Staffing can help you find the right direct hire job for you and your career goals. Our specialized divisions in light industrial, office, healthcare and managed services focus on quality and fit, as we match professionals with leading employers in the Carolinas, Georgia and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.

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