The Do’s and Dont’s of The Holiday Season at Work

It’s November, and while retailers have been hinting at it for weeks, the holiday season now truly is upon us. Often, it’s a joyous, celebratory time, but for some, it may be tiring, stressful, or even sad and difficult. So, as you enter the holiday season at work, keep it all in perspective. At the same time, acknowledge the very meaning of the word perspective – and the fact that everyone’s may be different.

Be respectful of your work environment.

Not everybody celebrates Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah – and some may not be celebrating at all. For instance, if they have recently lost a loved one or suffered another type of personal trauma, this may be a time of grieving or healing. Be aware of and respect diversity and differences among your coworkers.

  • Avoid going overboard with decorations, music, gifts and other holiday traditions. Keep it tasteful and be culturally aware.

Don’t skip the holiday party.

Even if you dread it, show up on time and be your best possible self at your company’s holiday or year-end party. Your absence will be noticed by senior management, as well as your colleagues. You may be perceived as lacking in teamwork skills or as though you’re above spending time with coworkers.

  • Think positive. It may be a good way to connect or have valuable conversations that you would otherwise miss.
  • Without gushing or brown nosing, be sure to thank your manager and whomever was responsible for putting the event together.

If you need it, take time off.

Allow yourself whatever time you need to prepare for and enjoy your holiday celebrations and time with loved ones. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for time off. Avoid putting your manager in the difficult position of having to juggle multiple requests for the same vacation dates.

Stay healthy.

It can be easy to burn the candle at both ends as you try to get your work done, as well as meet all the additional demands that may come with the holiday season. Give yourself the gift of staying healthy.

  • Control your portions when it comes to holiday treats and cheer. Don’t deprive yourself entirely, but be sensible.
  • Avoid reaching into bowls of chips or unwrapped candy. The last thing you need during cold and flu season is to become infected with a virus. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, and wipe down your work area with disinfectant on a regular basis.
  • To keep your energy high and your immune system healthy, target seven to eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Even on your busiest days, take a walk, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or slot a fitness class into your schedule.

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