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Sometimes just filling talent gaps on the fly isn’t enough to meet your business challenges. That’s when you need a more strategic plan that includes flexible staffing, long-term temps in addition to temp to permanent roles, and other staffing solutions. Like our sister company, Accurate Staffing, we provide various staffing options, but D1 provides full on-site flexible and direct staffing solutions. 

What Does D1 Managed Services Include? 

Similar to the services offered by traditional staffing agencies, D1 Managed Solutions partners with employers to coordinate job orders. However, we take it a step further by offering an on-site team, fully integrated with your operation that works in partnership with you to deliver the best solutions and results possible. 

  • Managing open positions including identifying, sourcing, and placement. 
  • Partnering with you to coordinate job orders for light industrial/manufacturing operations 
  • Ensuring daily fulfillment of staffing requirements through flexible staffing options 
  • Providing HR management to your temporary and temp-to-hire workers 
  • Consolidated reporting and billing for all staffing services 
  • Specialized knowledge in light industrial operations as well as staffing 

We provide administrative, office, accounting, financial, and other professional services to help employers manage organizational challenges. Here are a few of the obstacles on-site managed staffing solutions can help your business overcome: 

  • Restructuring and rightsizing your organization to help you increase profits 
  • Implementing quality initiatives to ensure the best product or service is being released 
  • Handling increased workloads by adjusting the staff 
  • Filling unexpected openings with temporary or temp-to-hire workers  
  • Keeping pace with rapid growth by using innovative, flexible staffing options 

Why You Should Use D1 Managed Staffing Services 

The benefits of utilizing our company’s D1 Managed Services division are the full integration of staffing services and management of your operation in partnership with you. Of course, Accurate Staffing offers employers access to highly qualified candidates who have been thoroughly vetted. However, when you tap into D1 Managed Services, you get on-site management and 24-7 service. 

An initial assessment of your operation is completed by the team, followed by a game plan created specifically to your standards and expectations, with your input and design approval. The team on the ground can also help you identify talent gaps or employment needs on your staff by observing your workforce. We create staffing solutions based on unparalleled industry knowledge and getting to know your workforce in all facets. Additionally, being on the ground helps us know more about your work culture, allowing them to identify candidates and strategies that will fit into the company. 

Managed Services Benefit Candidates, Too 

From a candidate standpoint, D1 Managed Services can help you find a job you will excel in. Because the team is on-site, we identify the best position(s) for you to succeed. We also know what it takes to be successful in the environment due to the integration and partnership.  

Additionally, the opportunity for advancement and growth is front and center, as we are working alongside you, on the client site. Be it temp to perm roles, or advancing to machine operator, line leader, or manager.  

Get in touch with the team of professionals here at Accurate Staffing and express interest in the D1 Managed Solutions services. 

D1 Managed Staffing Services include:

  • Managing staffing requisitions
  • Partner with you to coordinate job orders
  • Ensuring daily fulfillment of staffing requirements
  • Providing HR management to your temporary workers
  • Consolidated reporting and billing

We provide administrative, office, accounting, financial, and other professional talent to help employers manage organizational challenges, such as:​

  • Restructuring/rightsizing
  • Implementing quality initiatives
  • Introducing new products/services
  • Handling increased work loads
  • Filling unexpected openings
  • Keeping pace with rapid growth
  • Vacations and leaves

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