Managed solutions for business

Sometimes just filling talent gaps on the fly isn’t enough to meet your business challenges. That’s when you need a more strategic solution. D1 Managed Services is our onsite managed staffing division. Like our sister company, Accurate Staffing, we provide temporary staff, but D1 provides a full onsite solution.

D1 Managed Services include:

  • Managing staffing requisitions
  • Partner with you to coordinate job orders
  • Ensuring daily fulfillment of staffing requirements
  • Providing HR management to your temporary workers
  • Consolidated reporting and billing

We provide administrative, office, accounting, financial, and other professional talent to help employers manage organizational challenges, such as:​

  • Restructuring/rightsizing
  • Implementing quality initiatives
  • Introducing new products/services
  • Handling increased work loads
  • Filling unexpected openings
  • Keeping pace with rapid growth
  • Vacations and leaves

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