Comprehensive staffing solutions

We offer a wide variety of staffing services and solutions to assist your business manage whatever challenges arise. Whether it is full-time, part-time, or contract work, our seasoned recruiters are here to help.  

Add flexibility to your workforce

Flexibility is a big selling point for many candidates these days. Being able to work from home or have a flexible schedule can significantly boost a healthy work-life balance. A little flexibility can be helpful for employers, too. Your company can hire employees to fit your specific needs, nothing more or less.  

That’s where Accurate Staffing comes in. Our team of recruiters helps employers and candidates find flexible staffing solutions that will help them meet their long-term goals. From medical staffing to industrial recruiting, here’s how.  

Short-Term Staffing Solutions  

Utilizing flexible, temporary staffing solutions can help both employers and candidates. Sometimes, you just need someone to fill in for a short period of time or address a project’s needs. Similarly, candidates may want to give a position a test drive before pursuing a new career. As a leading  temp staffing agency in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, our services are second to none.

On-Demand Staffing to Address Immediate Needs 

Different from short-term solutions, on-demand staffing allows you to address an immediate need. For instance, you may need someone to fill in while an employee is out sick or on leave. Our recruitment services can help with that as well. We can connect you with candidates looking for temporary workers whose skills and experience match what you are looking for. 

Extended Contract Staffing

Maybe you are looking for someone to come on board for a long-term project. For that type of need, our agency can assist you with finding a contract worker who suits your needs. Contract work often leads to full-time jobs or greater career opportunities for candidates. Not to mention, as a full-time contractor with our agency, our contractors are eligible for benefits.  

Temp-to-Hire Helps Find the Right Fit 

Another staffing solution our agency offers is temporary-to-hire jobs. This gives both the employer and candidate time to test each other out before committing long-term. The employer can get a feel for how the employee approaches work. At the same time, the candidate can determine if the position and organization are a good fit. It helps mitigate risk for both parties. 

Full-Time Direct-Hires to Fit  

Outsourcing your recruiting efforts can help put you in touch with quality full-time candidates too. Our direct staffing services can help you fill healthcare jobs, industrial positions, and more. For candidates looking for full-time work with benefits, these positions can lead to an entire career. 

Accurate Staffing is a top employment agency that specializes in working with healthcare, light industrial, and manufacturing companies to create an environment for success. A considerable part of that success for every organization is the ability to piece together a team that collaborates well and positively contributes to the company culture. Contact us to learn more about our recruitment services and the various other ways our team can help you. 

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