How to End the Year on a High Note: Tips for Year-End Success


As 2023 winds down, it’s a great time to set yourself up for career success in 2024.

Whether you achieved most or all of your yearly goals, veered in an unplanned direction, or simply fell a bit short, you can wipe the slate clean and set your sights on what you can make happen in the next 12 months.

That’s right. It’s all about you making it happen. So, start with the right mental attitude and, from there, develop a realistic action plan for success. It will be well worth the effort, and you can toast yourself for a job well done come December 31.

Own the process.

Make a mental commitment to success. In other words, make up your mind: Decide to do whatever it takes to make 2024 your best year ever. You can – and should – enlist the help of others on your personal “board of directors,” but you’re at the helm. Simply acknowledging this and erasing any lingering doubts can empower you to take the next steps.

Review and strategize.

Now that your head is in the right place, stop and assess where you’ve come from and where you want to go. Focus on what’s realistic, but with the intent of setting some stretch goals that will push you beyond your comfort zone, in a good and productive way. Also keep in mind the choices that are available to you, without losing sight of your true passions and desires. It’s a balancing act, but an exciting, smart and promising one.

Take credit for your 2023 achievements.

Reflect on your successes of the past year. Think about the projects you led or helped deliver, the skills you learned, the situations you handled, and the relationships you built. Ask yourself – and realistically answer – these questions:

  • What new practices or behaviors did I develop and implement?
  • What positive feedback did I receive from others?
  • In what way did my, or my team’s, actions add value?

As best-selling business author Marcus Birmingham said, “Strengths are those things that make us stronger and give us energy. Keep track of yours – and your kryptonite.”

Learn from your setbacks.

Speaking of kryptonite, also think back on your disappointments and setbacks.  Be honest with yourself as you admit things didn’t always go as planned. The bottom line is: What did you learn from them – and what will you do differently as you chart your future, starting now?

Find a trusted coach.

As your master plan for 2024 stems from these steps, one of your smartest tactics is partnering with a career coach who can share their experiences and contacts, serve as a sounding board, and provide insight and direction through all the steps in your process.

If your professional goals lean toward healthcare, office work, managed services, or light industrial opportunities, turn to the Accurate Staffing team to make that happen. Reach out to us today so we can get started on your 2024 path to success together.


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