Closing the Pay Gap

“Since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, the gap between men and women’s earnings has narrowed by less than a half-cent per year. At this rate, American women will have to wait until 2062 to bring home the same salary as their male counterparts.” (Congresswoman Jackie Speier) Yup. You’ve probably heard about… Read More »

5 Reasons A Staffing MSP is Beneficial For Employers

Staffing MSP

Does your organization employ a high volume of contingent workers? If so, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can offer significant advantages. An MSP is an outsourced provider that manages either all or part of the contingent worker recruitment for an organization, delivering substantial cost savings and process improvements. In today’s market, it can be difficult… Read More »

The Unexpected Benefits of Conflict

Confrontational conflict can result in unforeseen benefits. Conflict can be difficult to handle in the workplace, but it can also have some unexpected benefits. For example, confrontational conflict can help to resolve disputes and build trust between coworkers. It can also help to improve productivity and communication. In short, confrontational conflict can be a valuable… Read More »

These 5 Tips Can Help You Form Lasting Habits

Form permanent habits with these tips People who are successful in their professional lives make forming habits a top priority. Habits are the key to long-term success, so if you want to be a winner, you must learn how to form good habits. Habits are the foundation of success, and the more you can build… Read More »

Why It’s Essential to Help Your Employees Build Confidence

Confidence plays a key role in your employees’ success. If your workers are confident in their ability to get the job done, they are well-equipped to perform at peak levels. These workers can take solace because they are doing everything in their power to help your company succeed. Meanwhile, your employees can rest assured that… Read More »

Empathy in the Workplace: Why Does It Matter?

Empathy can be a difference-maker in your workplace. Managers can show employees they care about their health and wellbeing and help them feel comfortable and safe at work. In addition, they can display empathy that minimizes work-related stress. The result: employees can feel calm, cool, and collected and perform their best. Research indicates most employees… Read More »

Promote Self-Improvement Across Your Workforce

Self-improvement can make a world of difference. If you promote self-improvement across your workforce, your employees can take steps to become more productive and efficient than ever before. Meanwhile, your company can bolster its employee satisfaction and retention levels. You can also help your employees feel great about their work, to the point where they… Read More »

3 Tips to Keep Your Temp Employees Engaged

Your temporary employees are vital contributors to your company’s success. Yet, there may be times when your temp employees appear disinterested in their work. In these instances, these workers may be prone to mistakes. Ultimately, you need to do your part to keep your temp employees engaged in their daily work. Here are three things… Read More »

Why Should Your Business Use a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

You want every employee to meet or exceed all performance criteria. However, there can be instances in which a worker falls short of performance standards. In these cases, a performance improvement plan (PIP) may be beneficial for this worker and your business. What Is a Performance Improvement Plan? A PIP lets you notify an employee… Read More »

Why Onboarding Is Key to Retaining New Employees

Employee onboarding can impact your business’s ability to retain new hires. There are many reasons why this is the case. First, onboarding sets the stage for the new hire experience. Once an employee joins your company, they begin the onboarding process. If this process is long and complicated, it can lead to a poor experience… Read More »