It’s Got to Be Accurate 

Our team of staffing and recruiting professionals provide solutions in medical staffing, office staffing and industrial staffing in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Accurate Staffing puts meaning to our name by doing just that: offering accurate staffing solutions. So, that means we don’t just push the talent we have available if they aren’t the right fit for your organization.   

Whether you need the services of a healthcare recruiter or industrial employment agency, we will take your culture into consideration and find people with the right skills and attitude to truly succeed within your company. Whether you need caring, compassionate healthcare professionals or manufacturing talent, we have options to fit your needs.   

What Sets Accurate Staffing Apart  

There are many things that set Accurate Staffing apart from other agencies. Here is what we bring to the table:  

  • Comprehensive screening that includes credentialing, drug testing, background checks, and eVerify. 
  • We offer an exceptional work environment and provide training, among other benefits. 
  • Our retention rates speak for themselves with many of our temporary staff working with us for more than 10 years.  
  • We are an industry leader with safety-focused staff placements.  

Our Solutions:

Accurate Staffing is a leading medical staffing and industrial employment agency serving North Carolina and South Carolina. Our healthcare and industrial recruiting professionals will help you hire top talent in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. We help employers succeed with services including:   

Need a short-term staff member to fill in the gaps, someone to step in on short notice, or long-term help to complete a critical project? Temporary staffing services give you options that get the work done without adding to your headcount. Accurate Staffing can help you find someone with the skills and availability to meet your needs.   

Our temp-to-hire services and solutions help you reduce the risk of hiring someone new as an employer. Temporary-to-hire employees will allow you to evaluate their skills, work ethic, and whether or not they fit into your company culture. By utilizing this service with Accurate Staffing, you can ensure you are making the best hiring decision possible.  

You can trust Accurate Staffing with filling your full-time positions as well. Our medical staffing and industrial recruiting services will help you find highly qualified candidates for your full-time positions. We will help you narrow the talent pool to a select few candidates and then you choose from the best of the best.  

When you use our temporary employees, you can place them on the Accurate Staffing payroll. We take care of paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation, and benefits with this service. 

Accurate Staffing can provide onsite coordinators to help manage your temporary workforce. These services include:  

  • Handling staffing requisitions 
  • Working with you to coordinate job orders 
  • Keeping up with daily staffing requirements 
  • Training, supporting and managing temporary workers 
  • Generating reports and data 

Accurate Staffing’s healthcare recruiters can help provide clinical and non-clinical talent for your company. Our expert team is made up of individuals who have worked in the field, including a registered nurse, which helps ensure you have the right people on your staff. From medical coders to CNAs to nurses, you can count on our medical staffing services. 

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