Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency to Reach Your 2024 Goals

As you address your talent needs in today’s challenging economy, have you considered working with a staffing agency to help fill temporary or direct hire roles?

Rather than wonder “Why would we hire a staffing agency?” you may want to ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t we?” Because, in the case of many open positions, the benefits far outweigh any doubts you may have about your decision.

The right staffing agency partner can help you:

Reduce Time to Hire

A staffing agency helps drive a more efficient hiring process as they streamline your recruiting operations without sacrificing quality. They handle much of the time-consuming legwork including sourcing and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and handling the details of follow throughs, offers, negotiation and more. Their industry expertise removes much or all of this burden from your plate.

  • Agencies have deep talent networks already in place. They dip into these pools to find the candidates you need within the time frame you request. This can reduce your time to hire to days, instead of weeks or months.

Cut Other Hiring Costs

In addition to lowering expenses used to attract top talent, staffing agencies reduce their clients’ overhead by eliminating benefit costs from your budget. Agencies cover workers compensation and general liability insurance, take out payroll taxes, pay the workers they supply your company, and cover other employment-related costs.

  • This also lowers your liability. Working with a staffing agency, legal risks associated with employment become the agency’s risk, not yours. Your agency is responsible for making sure employees are properly classified, paid, and have access to benefits, among other legal requirements. You have no worries about potentially costly disputes.

Improve Retention

By helping you make the right hire the first time around, your staffing agency can help you narrow down exactly what you need in a candidate. Recruiters work with job seekers all day, every day, and they have vast, current knowledge of the talent market. They are adept at spotting resumes and individuals with just the right skills and personality for your open roles. And ultimately, these are typically the superstars who stay with their companies for the long term.

  • An added plus? You can try before you buy. Through your agency, you can opt to hire a temporary employee so you can gauge their performance and fit. When their assignment or contract period nears an end, you can decide whether to hire them permanently or move on to a different candidate.

Enhance Flexibility

Your staffing agency can quickly provide employees based on your current staffing needs. This enables you to right size your staffing as needed, whether it fluctuates due to seasonal needs, permanent workers taking time off, or the ebb and flow of customer demand.

Accurate Staffing Consultants, Inc., matches top talent with healthcare, office, managed services and light industrial jobs in the Charlotte, NC market and beyond. The right people make all the difference to your success.  Contact us today so we can help you build your winning team.

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