Tips for Finding Temporary Work During the Fall

Temporary work – regardless of the season – can have numerous benefits as you boost your earning potential and your career. Fall is no exception, especially as many businesses are staffing up for the holiday season and ensuing new year.

The advantages of working temporary jobs include:

  • Strengthening your resume: Temping enables you to learn new skills and brush up on existing one, as well as gain experience and demonstrate your work ethic. All this adds to the draw of your resume.
  • Eliminating gaps in your employment history: You can always clarify employment gaps with a strong explanation. Temporary work helps, as it speaks for itself.
  • Possibly leading to a full-time role: If this is your goal, an employer may be willing to transition you into a full-time position at their company. They may even be hiring temporary workers for that purpose – so they can determine whether you’d be a good fit. If this appeals to you, state your intentions to eventually work full time. You can both “try before you buy.”

Tips for Success

Finding the right temporary position is an important career step. Follow these tips to help ensure your success:

  • Let your contacts know you’re searching for a temporary job and what you’re looking for. Other strategies include becoming active in a professional organization and connecting with people in your field on job search sites.
  • Prepare for interviews. Research companies that interest you. Practice answering common interview questions. Using this and other tips, treat the hiring process just as you would when searching for a full-time, permanent job – with a few subtle differences. For instance, extra emphasis on your ability to be flexible and adapt can be even more important when you’re applying for a temporary opportunity.
  • Tailor you resume to each job. As you do so, highlight keywords from the job description. Emphasize details about your past experience that relate to this particular position.
  • Be flexible. In some cases, companies hire temporary employees to work hours and shifts when their full-time staff is not available, such as evenings, nights, weekends or holidays. As a general rule of thumb, the more flexible you are, the greater the chances you’ll be hired.
  • Be persistent. Even if a hiring manager tells you all current openings have been filled, circle back in a few weeks to see if any new openings have occurred. A hire may fall through or a company may realize they needed more staff than anticipated. Just don’t be a pest. Follow up with one or two emails at most.

Work With an Expert

A proven tactic in finding the right temporary role is to work with an expert recruitment partner who can match you with the employer who best meets your needs. Offering access to direct and temp-to-hire opportunities, as well as temporary positions you may not hear about otherwise, Accurate Staffing Consultants, Inc., can be that partner in Georgia, the Carolinas and beyond. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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