Diversity and Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

“Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard.”

These words from authors Liz Fosslein and Mollie West summarize the importance and value of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. The best work teams are the most diverse teams, and the best work environments are  the most inclusive environments.

  • Research repeatedly supports the fact that DEI isn’t just an HR initiative, but also a sensible business strategy. In Glassdoor’s 2020 Diversity Hiring Survey, 76 percent of employee respondents reported that a diverse workforce was an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. And, a recent McKinsey study shows that ethnically and gender diverse companies are more profitable.
  • Inclusion means spending time understanding people’s differences and then creating practices and policies that embrace that diversity. It invites every team member to fully engage, knowing that their contributions will be accepted and respected. When this happens, people have a true sense of belonging – so they can bring their true selves to work every day. And this in turn leads to greater collaboration, creativity, engagement and innovation.

How to Get There

Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging doesn’t stem from good intentions alone. It requires intentionality, awareness, preparation, and ongoing care and focus. Leaders must be committed to the long game, with a solid understanding of their company’s DEI vision and strategy. From there, they can cascade it down throughout the organization, involving and engaging employees in all areas.

  • Start by defining your goals. This will help shape your DEI initiatives. For example, if there’s a shortage of women in company leadership roles, be specific about focusing on promoting women from within and implementing related recruitment steps. Set goals that make the most sense for your business.
  • Communicate clearly with candidates and employees about your DEI commitment. This includes spending time listening through surveys, focus groups and similar means. Your employees can be your best ambassadors, but only if they know what steps are being taken to increase diversity and how they can be a part of it. And as you actively recruit with DEI in mind, you’ll enrich your talent pool and enhance your employer brand.
  • Do your research. In addition to asking, learning from, and gathering data pertinent to your workforce, see what other companies are doing. Identify DEI best practices and consider them models as you shape your own plans.

Accurate Staffing takes pride in our employer partnerships and the opportunities we provide to their businesses, their people, and the community. This includes helping you build and maintain a strong, diverse and inclusive workforce and weaving equality and belonging into your corporate culture and mindset. It all comes back to our mission: to work to improve the lives of everyone we serve. Reach out to us today to continue this conversation.

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