Why You Should Return to Work Instead of Collecting Unemployment

The U.S. unemployment rate is increasing, due in part to widespread layoffs and furloughs associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At the same time, many people are collecting unemployment payments without plans to return to work any time soon. Let’s face it — collecting unemployment checks is easy, and it helps you pay your bills.… Read More »

Frequent Questions Employees Ask About Going Back to Work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led many to shut down or allow their employees to work remotely temporarily. However, cities and towns are reopening nationwide, and companies are gradually letting their employees return to work. Many employees have questions about how to safely go back to work during the COVID-19 crisis — and rightfully so.… Read More »

Develop a Plan for Employees Returning to Work

Your employees are returning to work during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — and your business needs to adjust to the “new normal.” Fortunately, if you develop a plan for workers going back to the office, you can ensure your employees can work safely. Here are five steps to develop a plan for employees returning to… Read More »