3 Challenges Employers Face and How to Overcome Them

“Challenge” is a multi-faceted word. It’s defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as “a stimulating task or problem; a summons that is often threatening, provocative, stimulating or inciting.” Listed among its synonyms are “difficulty, protest, objection, complaint” and even “stink.” While there may be some employees who claim they “love” or “rise to” a challenge, for… Read More »

Motivate and Engage Employees with These Tips


Motivated, engaged employees are happy employees. And happy employees are productive employees. It’s a domino effect. You probably already know this. The pressing question is: How do you keep your employees motivated and engaged? It doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to devote thought and planning to make it happen. But don’t panic.… Read More »

You Can’t Hire Your Way to a Diverse Workforce: Here’s Why

Achieving true diversity within your business and its workforce is about more than just checking a box that says you’ve succeeded in hiring people from different backgrounds. Recruitment for diversity is a great and necessary start, but it’s not a panacea. Hiring for Diversity To optimize diversity in your recruitment tactics: Make changes as needed… Read More »

Build a Brand that Top Talent Wants to Work For

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Today’s job candidates are sitting in the cat-bird seat. In other words, they can pick and choose where they want to pursue their careers. As they do so, to continue this feline analogy, they don’t just pounce and randomly apply for jobs. Rather, they carefully research potential employers to get a good sense of what… Read More »

Why It’s Important to Find Purpose in Your Work

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If you work full time, that adds up to about 90,000 hours over the course of your life. Five days a week … eight hours a day … for many, it means spending a majority of your waking hours at your job. So, that time had best be meaningful and satisfying, or you run the… Read More »

5 Effective Tips for Changing Careers

Are you considering a career change? It’s a huge step up from a job change; rather, it’s a complete pivot into a new field or area. The idea can be thrilling, exciting, daunting, and downright scary. It takes ambition, careful planning, and thoughtful execution. Let’s say your mind is made up: it’s time to make… Read More »

How Important is a Good Boss?

Let’s face it: the word “boss” doesn’t always have the greatest connotations. If you are a boss, no offense, but hey, you have to admit: it’s true. And if you’re a job hunter, it’s critically important to evaluate your potential future boss just as much as they’re evaluating you. Because no matter how much you… Read More »

Does Your Career Match Your Personality? Here’s How You’ll Know

Your career should feel like a natural extension of yourself and your personality – giving you a true understanding of who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how you can add value to your employer and satisfaction to your life. Not just this week or this year, but for the long term. How… Read More »

How Can a Staffing Company Help Your South Carolina Business Hire Smarter This Year?

South Carolina businesses have been through just about every economic and hiring challenge in the last few years. Shutdowns, supply chain issues, and signs of recessions have made it difficult to keep your bottom line healthy. Combined with the hit productivity talent shortages, the Great Resignation and “quiet quitting,” employers just can’t catch a break.… Read More »

5 Ways to Perfect Your Resume

Even if you’re not job hunting – but especially if you are – keeping your resume fresh and up to date should always be a high priority. You never know when an opportunity may crop up to put it to use in your favor, so by giving your resume a fresh once over periodically, you’ll… Read More »