Motivate and Engage Employees with These Tips


Motivated, engaged employees are happy employees. And happy employees are productive employees. It’s a domino effect.

You probably already know this. The pressing question is: How do you keep your employees motivated and engaged?

It doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to devote thought and planning to make it happen. But don’t panic. Here are a few tips:

Encourage employees’ personal – as well as professional – development.

 Offer your employees opportunities to learn, grow and develop as professionals – but keep in mind that professional and personal development go hand in hand. To foster both, get to know your employees on a personal level. What are their passions, interests and hobbies outside of work? And, think about it. Are there projects or areas of your business where they may be able to tap into those personal priorities? Find them – and capitalize on them.

Build a culture of psychological safety.

Psychological safety is all about a person’s perspective on how rewarding – or threatening – it is to take risks at work. Foster psychological safety by consistently welcoming new ideas, questions, concerns and suggestions from every employee on your team. Keep an open mind and build an environment where people can speak freely without any threat of judgment or repercussion. If their ideas are repeatedly shut down, people will stop sharing them.

Recognize and reward.

It’s built into human DNA to gain fulfillment from being acknowledged when a milestone is reached or a job is done well. On the flip side, if an employee feels like their work is not very important or relevant, their willingness to make an effort will plummet.

Develop an employee recognition process that includes appropriate levels and kinds of rewards, all of which should be customized to their recipients. Peer-to-peer recognition and active involvement in the development and administration of the program is also very valuable.

Give people the tools they need to succeed.

To stay motivated, employees need your support in the form of adequate supplies, time, and resources to get their work done well. This is part of your responsibility to make sure people understand their roles and feel properly equipped to support not only their assigned tasks but your business overall.

Keep exposing employees to and enabling them to learn about the latest tools and developments that apply to their jobs. This will further empower them and make them feel appreciated.

Foster creativity.

Creative freedom in the workplace contributes to employees’ personal growth and professional development. As long as deadlines are being met and results delivered, let people be creative in their approach. Encourage them to think outside the box and be self-driven.

There’s no room for unnecessary rigidity or micromanagement in an engaged, motivated workplace.

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