New Year, New Career! Here’s How to Start Your Search Strong in 2023

Experts agree that January not only marks the start of a fresh new year, but it’s also a prime time to launch a job search. So, start now to take matters into your own hands – along with the right tools and support – to make this the year you land that dream role you’ve been waiting for.

Start with a roadmap.

Like any other journey, you’ll enjoy it better and avoid getting lost along the way if you have a good map to follow. Your starting point is taking time to think about what kind of job you really want, where it would be, what it would look like, and how it would realistically fit your professional and lifestyle plans. Jot this all down – and set your career GPS from there.

  • Part of the process will involve lists and/or spreadsheets to manage your time efficiently while job hunting. As you do this, include a way to check off those tasks you’ve successfully completed each day. Then, you can get yourself pumped up for your next accomplishment – and even the small ones will soon begin to add up in your favor.

Be realistic and keep things in perspective.

Right up front, it’s important to accept that job hunting takes time. Often, just like on that road trip, you’ll hear yourself asking, “Are we there yet?” Even if things seem to be moving too slowly at times, remember to stay fully committed – and how it will all be worth it when you reach your desired destination.

Update your online presence and professional documents.

Speaking of a fresh new year, now is also the time to refresh and update any collateral materials you’ll be using in your job search, including your LinkedIn profile, any other pertinent online content, resume, cover letter, website and portfolio.

  • Reflect on your accomplishments from the past 12 months.Which big wins do you want prospective employers to know about? Perhaps you’ve mastered a new skill or completed a professional development or certification course. Weave this information into all your content and materials.

Kick your networking up a notch.

 Tap into your personal and professional network – and then take it a step further. Can you expand it to include more people who may provide career advice, share job openings, or connect you with others who also may be helpful?

  • When you tell people about your job search, the benefits are twofold. The more obvious one is as described above: they can potentially help. The second one, though, is just as important: you establish accountability with yourself. And you’re the most important person in this picture!

The right career coach can help you set your roadmap to a new career in place, and guide you through each and every step along the way. Avoid any wrong turns – and make it happen sooner rather than later – by contacting Accurate Staffing Consultants today. Happy New Year!

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