How Important is a Good Boss?

Let’s face it: the word “boss” doesn’t always have the greatest connotations. If you are a boss, no offense, but hey, you have to admit: it’s true. And if you’re a job hunter, it’s critically important to evaluate your potential future boss just as much as they’re evaluating you. Because no matter how much you love everything else about a position, your boss is the person who ultimately decides your fate and your future. That’s just plain old reality.

What does a good boss look like?

There are many traits that define a good boss – and of course, the perfect picture is one that only you can paint, based on your personal preferences, work style and personality. But it ultimately comes down to working for someone who supports you and has your back, and finding a relationship based on trust and commitment.

Look for:

  • Empathy: This is a basic human virtue: the ability to understand the feelings of others, acknowledge them, and support a person through them. The days of checking your feelings at the door when you get to work are long gone, thankfully.
  • Genuine caring: A good boss is a kind boss who cares for their employees – and regularly demonstrates this caring through their actions, as well as their words.
  • A commitment to stress mitigation: Stress is inevitable, but the most effective bosses are those who help prevent and contain it, instead of adding pressure to an already potentially explosive situation. This, and all the other positive traits of a good boss, is expressed as they lead by example, day in and day out.
  • Someone who values your professional and personal development: You need a manager who supports your career goals and aspirations, as well as their own. You may even be able to develop a mentor/mentee relationship that will carry you through your career.
  • Appreciation: It’s human nature to need acknowledgment and recognition of work well done. Look for a leader who encourages people to go beyond their comfort zones and realize great achievements – and then celebrates milestones with them and their peers.
  • Honesty: Honesty and integrity are the basis of any good working relationship, especially with your boss. Without them, there’s no trust – and without trust, there’s simply nothing to hold the relationship together.

Communication Is Key

When you first meet your potential boss, see if you can get a read on their communication skills, including whether or not they:

  • Seem engaged when you speak and respond in ways that show they are actively listening.
  • Communicate with clarity, including body language that conveys openness, interest and trust.

These are a few indications that you’re on the right track to landing not only the position, but also the boss that you’ve been looking for.

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