Does Your Career Match Your Personality? Here’s How You’ll Know

Your career should feel like a natural extension of yourself and your personality – giving you a true understanding of who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how you can add value to your employer and satisfaction to your life. Not just this week or this year, but for the long term.

How can you be sure this is the case as you plan your next steps?

About Personality Tests

There are numerous personality tests out there that can help show your areas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggest careers that would fit your personality. The right test can be a valuable tool in your career toolbox – but make sure it truly is the right one. Find a reputable test, and don’t view it as a panacea. Do your research, and use your findings, as well as your personal experiences and gut instincts, to drive your final conclusion.

Examine How You Interact with People

The way you naturally interact with others is a major factor in setting the right career path for yourself. For instance, if you’re shy or extroverted, a customer-facing role may not be your best choice. On the other hand, if you’re talkative and outgoing, you probably want a position where you deal directly with clients, customers or patients.

If you’re not sure, think about the people you choose to spend the most time with. This will give you a keen insight into not only their personalities, but your own as well.

Volunteering and Internships

To experience different careers without making a permanent commitment, try volunteering or interning. At the very least, you’ll learn more about various roles, which will be helpful in setting your own direction. And, you may even find the perfect career match you’ve been looking for, as well as make valuable contacts and hone your professional skills.


Make time for networking events to widen your circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Even if you’re not sure at this point exactly what kind of job you’re looking for, they may prove invaluable at some point. For starters, it’s a great way to gain insight and speak to people who have direct experience in different roles, specialties and industries.

Keep an Open Mind

Take the time to self-reflect and get to know yourself better, even as you expand your network. Figure out what makes you unique and what offerings you bring to the table, compared to others. Keep your mind open as you pay attention to the job market, and make decisions using both your head and your heart.

An experienced career counselor can work with you to determine the right tools and best strategy as you complete your career and personality self-assessment and get your long-term professional plans on the path to success. That’s where Accurate Staffing Consultants comes in. Contact us today so we can tell you more about our experienced specialists and the opportunities out there for you.

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