Why It’s Important to Find Purpose in Your Work

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If you work full time, that adds up to about 90,000 hours over the course of your life. Five days a week … eight hours a day … for many, it means spending a majority of your waking hours at your job. So, that time had best be meaningful and satisfying, or you run the risk of becoming resentful, embittered, or just plain old miserable. And nobody wants that.

It all comes down to finding purpose in your work. A sense of purpose is what drives you to get up in the morning and feel good as you move through your day. It’s that simple – and yet, all too often, it’s really, really difficult to achieve.

What Purpose in Work Looks Like

Human beings are hard-wired to connect with one another in meaningful ways. It’s innate, and has been since our most ancient ancestors literally depended on each other to survive. This intrinsic need to be part of something bigger than ourselves drives us to look for purpose in life – and in our work.

  • Having purpose at work makes you feel ownership in your organization, and also makes you more motivated and resilient when setbacks inevitably occur.
  • It’s more common today than ever to prioritize purpose over one’s paycheck, although of course, there needs to be a balance between the two. If your work aligns with your personal core beliefs, values and passions, you will find meaning and satisfaction in the day to day. You still have to pay your bills, but not at the sacrifice of feeling good about what you’re doing.

How to Find Purpose

You can find greater purpose in your work by:

  • Defining what matters most to you. What are your true beliefs and values? Try to shut out all the outside opinions and noise and focus on what you really want and need. You can find your purpose, and map out the steps needed to achieve it, once you’ve taken this critical first step.
  • Find ways to integrate your passions into your work. This may mean taking on new challenges to better connect with others and realize how to make a significant impact. Network more, take on a project that stretches you mentally and personally, or organize a volunteer team of your colleagues to support a cause you care about.
  • Change your perspective. It all comes down to knowing your work matters and understanding how it affects others. Draw a parallel between what you do and how it contributes to the greater good.

What’s Your Current Status?

Where are you right now when it comes to a sense of purpose in your work?

Maybe it’s time for a change and you’re ready to find a new, more fulfilling opportunity. Or maybe you just need to define the purpose in your current role. Either way, the experienced career counselors at Accurate Staffing Consultants, Inc., can partner with you to achieve all your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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