How To Control Hiring Costs With The Help of A Recruiter


Many companies in North Carolina opt to handle hiring new employees internally. But many don’t realize that this process is long, challenging, and costly. Unless your business has a dedicated internal recruiter or hiring manager, you may find that you’re only hiring lower-quality candidates, which can be detrimental to the business. And if you struggle with a high turnover rate, you’re losing out on even more money. As a business, you’re likely looking for ways to cut expenses, and while there are a variety of ways to do so, one of the easiest (and most crucial) ways is hiring an expert North Carolina staffing and recruiting agency.

We know what you’re probably thinking right now. How can hiring a recruiter help you save money? Isn’t hiring an outside source only going to cost you money? We’re here to tell you that finding high-quality candidates is crucial for saving thousands. And to do so, you need the help of a staffing agency–which can actually save you money in the long run. We understand if you’re not sold, though. That’s why we’re breaking down five ways a staffing agency in North Carolina will help you control hiring costs.

5 Ways A Staffing and Recruiting Agency in North Carolina Will Help Control Hiring Costs

An effective recruiter can decrease the time it takes to find the right employee for your business, saving you time and money. But the benefits far exceed just that.

Hiring Temporary Employees Mean Lower Overheads Costs for Employers

When hiring full-time employees, not only are you likely paying them a higher salary than you would a temporary employee, but you also have to take things such as benefits and sick days into consideration. Hiring temporary employees means that you can nix these overhead costs as a whole and save money.

This is also a great option when you’re looking to fill a temporary gap caused by a leave (such as maternity or disability) or if you’re unsure of whether or not you want this role permanently within your company. A temp worker gives you the flexibility of “trying it before you buy it” by allowing you to see if they’re a good fit for your business before committing to compensating them with a salary or benefits.

A Recruiter Helps Save Time and Overhead

When it comes time to hire someone new for your business, there’s a long checklist that you need to go down to find the right candidate. From creating countless job postings on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to advertising on LinkedIn, it’s far more time-consuming than many realize. Not to mention that in order to purchase ads to get your job posting out to a broader audience, you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny. That’s where a staffing agency comes in.

Not only do they do the hard work of creating a perfectly tailored job posting, but they also use their own resources to ensure that a job is promoted properly so that the right eyes land on it. They also have access to a vast talent pool that many don’t have access to. The recruiters have vetted these candidates, so they have a deeper understanding of what it is they’re looking for in a role. If it’s a match with your company, they introduce you two and assist with the onboarding process as well. Essentially they’re not only saving you money, but they’re also saving you time. And we all know that time is money.

Recruiters in North Carolina Prevent the Risk of Turnover Costs

According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it costs, on average, six to nine months of an employee’s salary to replace them if they leave. If they were to be making $75,000 a year, that ends up being $37,500 to $56,250 in recruiting, onboarding, and training costs. Because turnover is so costly, if you’re going through the long, drawn-out process of hiring an employee, it’s important to do so correctly, or else it could cost you thousands. Employees leave for a few reasons–from compensation to misalignment of expectations. And this one bad hire not only means a loss of money but also means a loss of time. It may also bring down the morale of the internal employee who conducted the hiring.

So how do you avoid it? Hire a recruiter. As we mentioned earlier, they have a long list of talented candidates that are searching for a job. They’re experts at finding skilled professionals in every industry, and they carve time out to better understand what it is you’re looking for. They have the ability to look at a mountain of resumes and find the right fit, far beyond just the listed skills and qualifications. They make it a priority to understand what salary, company culture, and responsibilities the candidate is looking for so when they begin working with your business, everyone is on the same page.

Temporary Staffing Offers Employers Flexibility

Hiring temporary work is one of the biggest cost-cutting moves a business can make. Not only are you saving money on benefits, but you’re also paying them for a shorter period of time than you would a regular full-time or part-time employee. This allows you flexibility in your hiring. Let’s say, for example, your business is ramping up seasonally. While you may currently need the help, you know that it’s going to die down once the season ends. Logistically it doesn’t make sense to hire another employee. However, you don’t want to overwork your current team, which can inevitably lead to burnout and even more gaps to fill within the company.

Many staffing agencies offer temporary staffing services, so you can bring on new team members when demand is high. If you do decide that the employee is valuable to the company once things slow, you can extend the offer of temp-to-hire (another service many recruiters offer).

A Recruiter Can Help Improve Productivity

If your business is struggling with its current workload, your employees may be having difficulty staying afloat. High levels of stress can cost you. In fact, stress-related disorders cost businesses $200 to $300 billion every year. Unfortunately, 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. This stress causes people to miss work, fall into depression, and quit their jobs. The last thing you want to deal with is losing valued employees because their workload is too much.

Hiring a new employee–especially a temporary one–frees up some of their time, allowing them to focus on their more important daily responsibilities, which can help prevent that unwanted stress. It also prevents them from having to do the hiring themselves, which can feel overwhelming if they have no experience in doing so. All of this combined can boost productivity levels, making your business far more successful.

Partner With A Top Staffing Agency in North Carolina to Find Top Talent Without the High Costs

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