Boosting Employee Morale During the Holidays

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Or not. For some, the holidays can be difficult, whether it’s crunch time at work or they’re dealing with personal issues that make the season a challenge. And it’s inevitable that people will be distracted as the year winds down, for whatever reason. It can all add up to low employee morale, unless you take the right steps to keep things focused, inspirational and productive.

A Snapshot of Low Morale

Especially during the holiday season, low employee morale can look like:

  • Apathy: People may take their responsibilities less seriously, whether it’s intentional or not. They simply may not be capable of working with the same attention to detail as normal.
  • Fatigue: A lack of clarity or mental health shortfalls can lead to employees feeling sluggish, not sleeping, or simply being depleted of energy.
  • Aggression: Brush up on how to best handle conflict resolution. If team members are tired, stressed or anxious, there’s a higher risk of disputes with coworkers, managers and customers.
  • Burnout: Symptoms include all of the above, with a distinct struggle to be motivated or in worst cases, even come to work. Ultimately, burnout can result in good people quitting and all the negative fallout that accompanies such a loss.

How to Keep Engagement High  

Many of these tips apply all year long, but you can put added emphasis on them and add a holiday spin. As you do so, be especially mindful of anyone who may be struggling this year. Treat each person as the unique individual they are and take care of them accordingly. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Celebrate successes. Use positive, thoughtful employee appreciation strategies to yield optimal engagement and ROI. Celebrate both individual and team wins with appropriate levels of recognition and rewards.
  • Set SMART goals. Of all the aspects of SMART goals, be sure to keep things real and achievable during the holiday season. Make sure goals are clear and communicated and that management is accessible and open to ongoing two-way communication. Leaders should offer support and encouragement, and carry some of the load themselves if needed, without micromanaging.
  • Encourage time off. Flexibility and work/life balance are crucial during the holiday season. Plan ahead for people to take the time off they need to achieve this and return to work refreshed and reenergized.
  • Create an atmosphere of acceptance. People will naturally be happier and more inspired when they walk into work every day and feel welcome. Foster an environment of acceptance, camaraderie and equity. This means celebrating different cultures and the holidays they embrace. It doesn’t have to be over the top. For instance, how about a multi-cultural holiday potluck meal where everyone brings in dishes that showcase their annual observances? (Hint: Now is a good time to revisit your company workplace DEI polices.)

Helping you build and care for your best team is one of the things Accurate Staffing Consultants, Inc., does best – during the holidays and all year long. Contact us today to hear more.

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