What to Expect from Your Job Search in These Industries in 2022

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The pandemic brought many changes to various industries. Light industrial workers, manufacturing employees, and healthcare professionals have all seen major shifts in the industries they work in. There is increased demand, fewer workers, and new compliance issues. Candidates looking for work in these sectors will have plenty of jobs to choose from but they need to be ready for longer hire times and new hiring policies. Here’s what you can expect.

Historical Trends Won’t Matter

Things have changed dramatically, due to the COVID pandemic. Because of this, historical hiring trends won’t matter much. Instead, job seekers are finding themselves doing more research on the current market and employers. Overall, it is safe to anticipate a downward trend in industries that have taken a hit during the pandemic. Other than that, candidates need to keep an eye on current trends in the market and adjust their search accordingly.

Some of the industries that are on the upswing include Fintech, tech, healthcare, and manufacturing. E-commerce, customer service, and renewable energy are also trending upwards. Being able to identify where the jobs are and adapting has become crucial during a job search.

Vaccine Mandates

Recently, the United States government passed a mandate requiring companies with 100 or more employees to require vaccines to return to work. In some cases, your vaccination status will play a role in whether or not you are hired for the job. Talk with the employer about the requirements and if it is something you can fulfill once you are hired. Many companies are allowing workers to come in as long as they can provide a negative COVID test. However, the test will likely be at your expense, so keep that in mind.

Remote Work

Another thing many candidates are running into is remote work opportunities. No matter what industry you work in, telecommuting has become the new norm. So, if you are searching for a job you’ll likely run into a lot of remote work. If you haven’t been working recently and don’t already have a remote workspace set up, you may need to consider the cost of doing so. Some companies have shut down their brick-and-mortar locations for good. Having a setup will help you show you are prepared to start working with them as soon as possible.

You also need to brush up on your virtual interviewing skills. Chances are, the first interaction you have with a potential employer will be through video chat. So, take the time to set up a professional space without any distractions. Make sure all of your equipment is working and test your connection. It may take more time to prep for interviews than it has traditionally in the past.

Temporary or On-Demand Jobs

On-demand hiring is increasingly popular as well. For this reason, candidates will run into a lot of temporary placement job listings and contract positions. You may need to shift your mindset to find a job in this market. If you are looking for something full-time with benefits, this can be disheartening. There are plenty of career opportunities with temp or contract jobs though. Thankfully, you can work with a top employment agency like Accurate Staffing that will help you get benefits while working full-time contract positions too. Candidates should be open to these positions and embrace the opportunities they can provide.

Less Focus on the Resume

While your resume will always be an important part of your job search, it isn’t the most important thing anymore. Employers are asking for cover letters and assessments. These things are helping them decipher the top candidates from the rest of the bunch.


Though your resume is somewhat losing importance, networking is gaining momentum. Your connections can help you land a job or give you information about possible employers. They can also help mentor you and offer advice in your job search. These types of connections are becoming key to pursuing a meaningful career.


Another thing that employers are looking for in candidates is the ability to adapt. Just about every industry and every organization underwent a drastic change during the COVID pandemic. Being able to adapt to those changes and learn quickly is extremely important.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity is becoming more important to many employers. While in recent years diversity has been something employers strive to achieve, it has now become a must. If you are a member of a marginalized group of people, you may be able to leverage that to land a job. More importantly, you can help the employer see how your diverse voice will add value to their company. No matter what your background is though, employers are looking for people whose ideas and goals match their own. Cultural fit is extremely important to both candidates and employers.

More Perks

Yes, many employers are offering better benefits to attract new talent. You need to be wary of the added perks though. While health insurance and Fridays off are nice, you need to get a feel for how the employer addresses work-life balance, burnout, and employee mental health. Does the company culture help ensure all of the employees feel seen and heard in the workplace? Consider what is important to you in terms of benefits and work culture before embarking on your search.


Getting feedback is necessary on your job search nowadays. Everyone applying for the position is having someone review their resume and cover letter. Beyond that, they are searching for professional guidance on what companies they should research and apply to. Asking for this kind of feedback has started to be a critical part of any job search.

New Companies

There are a lot of new companies and brands emerging on the market. Startups are popping up all over the place. Take the time to research new organizations before completely writing them off. Getting in on the ground floor could be a positive move in your career. You might also be able to help lead growth in the company while simultaneously growing within your career.

Industry Hopping

Now more than ever, candidates are finding themselves switching industries because demand has changed. Some industries are thriving while others are struggling to get by. Needs have shifted. So, your approach needs to shift.

Think about the skills you have that may be able to transfer to a position in a different industry. Communication skills, technical skills, customer service, and other experience can be valuable to all employers, no matter what position you are applying for. In the manufacturing industry especially, employers are offering on-the-job training for entry-level jobs and providing career pathways for promotion. This is helping them get the attention of candidates who haven’t worked in their industry before.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Because industry hopping has become more common, candidates need to focus on their transferable skills. As mentioned above, these often come in the form of communication skills and interpersonal skills. You should take time to think about what else you bring to the table.

Higher Education

One thing many job seekers are discovering is that they may need to seek higher education to land the jobs they are looking for. This is especially the case in more technical fields. Many workers are finding they need to take a few courses or obtain a certification or two to be competitive in the job market. Filling in the skills you lack by taking a class or pursuing additional education can help get you the knowledge you need and also make you more attractive to potential employers.

Presence on the Web

The first thing a hiring manager or recruiter probably does when you make a connection is Google you. That has definitely changed over the last few years. Because of this, it is important to have an internet presence and be in complete control of it. You want to provide a consistent and professional image on social media and anywhere else an employer may find you online.

Candidates Have More Power

Typically, the employer has had the power in negotiations. Today, candidates have more power than ever when negotiating job terms. You can negotiate remote work, competitive pay, benefits, schedule, and whatever you want. There is an employer out there that will offer what you are looking for or close to it. Plus, because quality candidates are harder to find, employers are willing to offer more to attract applicants.

Utilize the Help of Professionals

Job seekers can help improve their odds by working with staffing agencies and professional recruiters. Our team of pros at Accurate Staffing can help you polish your resume, identify possible opportunities, and get you scheduled for an interview. One of our recruiters will discuss your career goals and how we can help you reach them.

Additionally, we can help you stay connected with employers. If you are placed in a temporary position, we will stay in contact with you and put you in touch with other opportunities once your project is complete. No matter what kind of work you’re looking for, we can help. Contact us to learn more about our temp staffing agency and other recruiting services.

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