Why Onboarding Is Key to Retaining New Employees

Employee onboarding can impact your business’s ability to retain new hires. There are many reasons why this is the case.

First, onboarding sets the stage for the new hire experience. Once an employee joins your company, they begin the onboarding process. If this process is long and complicated, it can lead to a poor experience for a new hire.

A poorly crafted and executed onboarding process can damage your company’s brand reputation, too. If new hires leave your business due to your onboarding cycle, your employee satisfaction and retention levels will suffer. Meanwhile, as word spreads about your company’s onboarding process, quality job candidates may shy away from opportunities to join your business.

Let’s not forget about the cost of a time-consuming and resource-intensive onboarding process, either. A simple, straightforward onboarding process can be faster and more economical than a long and complex one. New hires are more likely to appreciate and enjoy their onboarding experience if it meets or exceeds their expectations.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process

Any business can enhance its onboarding process at any time. Here are four things your business can do to take its onboarding process to new heights.

1. Plan Ahead

Consider a new hire’s perspective relative to onboarding. Next, you can determine the best course of action to make their onboarding experience a memorable one. You can develop onboarding materials that explain a new hire’s role and what your company is all about. Also, you can ensure a new hire receives extensive support starting on day one at your business.

2. Utilize a Wide Range of Onboarding Materials

Use in-person training sessions, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other onboarding materials. This ensures new hires can leverage a variety of learning materials to gain insights into their role and your business. In addition, verify onboarding materials are reviewed and updated regularly. That way, you can use them to help new employees quickly get up to speed and hit the ground running.

3. Provide Seamless Access to Onboarding Materials

Make it easy for new employees to retrieve your onboarding materials. It often helps to provide online access to these materials and ensure new hires can view them on their desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. By providing anywhere, anytime access to onboarding materials, new hires can complete the onboarding process in a matter that best suits them.

4. Collect and Evaluate Feedback

Get feedback from new hires and current employees regarding your onboarding process. Keep an eye out for ways to improve your onboarding. And utilize new hire and employee insights to ensure your onboarding process can deliver the optimal results.

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