4 Helpful Tips for Training a New Hire Quicker

You want a new hire to make an immediate impact. However, getting a new hire up to speed can be challenging, even if your business has a training program in place.

A traditional training program may account for a new hire’s role and responsibilities — but it offers no guarantees. Without an effective training program, your business risks a lengthy onboarding process.

Onboarding a new hire may take several weeks or months. Yet, there are things you can do to help a new hire become an instant difference-maker for your company.

Here are four tips to help you train a new hire faster than ever before.

1. Establish a Plan

Create a plan to onboard a new hire. The plan should account for the new hire’s role and responsibilities, along with the steps required to get him or her up to speed.

Share your onboarding plan with a new hire, too. In doing so, the new hire will know what to expect during the onboarding process and can plan accordingly.

2. Use Short Training Sessions

Resist the temptation to require a new hire to attend lengthy training sessions where they are bombarded with information. Instead, set up short training sessions throughout the workday, so a new hire can avoid getting too much information at once.

Whenever possible, host a combination of in-person and video training sessions. A new hire is well-equipped to stay engaged throughout a training program by participating in a wide range of training sessions.

3. Leverage the Right Tools

Incorporate various tools into your training sessions. For instance, if a new hire will be required to use Word documents daily, you may want to let him or her access these documents during training sessions. This allows a new hire to gain hands-on experience during their training and minimize the risk of mistakes following a training program.

Consider a new hire’s skill set as well. For example, if a new hire already knows how to use certain software or programs, they likely won’t need a full training session to discuss them. In this instance, ensure that a new hire is comfortable with software or programs required for everyday work before moving on to the next training stage.

4. Make Training Sessions Repeatable

Establish training sessions that can be used across a business. Training modules can consist of brief outlines or videos that explain how to perform different business tasks. These modules can be beneficial for new hires, and current employees who want to take on additional responsibilities.

Additionally, ensure training sessions are easily accessible. Training sessions may be available to new hires on demand, so they can access the sessions any time they choose. Different employees may also conduct them.

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