What Great Managers Do to Stand Out

Great managers stand out for all the right reasons. If you know what distinguishes a great manager from their peers, you should have no trouble becoming one. Plus, you can do your part to teach others how to become managers who rise above and beyond the call of duty.

Now, let’s look at three ways great managers differentiate themselves from the pack.

1. Prioritize Talent

The best managers identify top candidates for jobs based on talent — not experience, education, or other factors. In doing so, these managers fill roles with candidates who are driven to succeed. They also find candidates who are willing to think outside the box, display empathy in their everyday actions, and do what’s necessary to get the job done under any circumstances.

Ultimately, outstanding managers put talent front and center. They are willing to select job candidates who show talent and are willing to fine-tune it. Thus, the top managers can help candidates master their talent and become key contributors within their respective businesses.

It pays to look for job candidates who want to perform at or above your expectations as a manager. If a candidate’s resume falls short in terms of experience, education, or other criteria, consider their raw talent. From here, a manager can determine if a candidate can enhance their talent. If so, the manager can hire this candidate and help them refine their talent. And in the long run, this candidate can optimize their talent and become an amazing addition to a business.

2. Help Employees Set and Achieve Goals

Terrific managers establish realistic expectations for their employees. These managers ensure workers know what to expect out of their role. And they work diligently with workers to help them accomplish myriad goals.

Of course, the best managers are willing to revamp employee goals as needed. They keep the lines of communication open with workers. If an employee is behind on their goals or consistently surpasses them, their manager can help him, or her revise them.

3. Motivate Workers to Give Their Best

A superb manager can check the pulse of their workforce and figure out the best ways to motivate their employees. In some instances, managers can promote friendly competition to drive employees to perform their best. Or, a manager can provide bonuses or other incentives to push employees to the next level.

For today’s managers, it helps to learn from workers. Conduct surveys and questionnaires to find out what motivates employees. Then, managers can generate employee insights and use them to lead workers to give their full effort.

Transform Management Across Your Business

The tips above can help business managers perform at peak levels. Furthermore, if you want to add quality managers to your business, Accurate Staffing can help.

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