The Benefits of a Flexible Schedule: Finding Work-Life Balance

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” (Singer Dolly Parton)

Had Dolly written those words into a song, it would likely have been a huge hit, maybe even better, ironically, than 9 to 5, the fun ballad with a not-so-fun message: all work and no play.

Beyond the very wise words of Ms. Parton, there are numerous scientific studies supporting the benefits of flexible work schedules. Such flexibility gives employees a level of autonomy to control their own schedules and still get the job done – in fact, often done even better, while not missing out on irreplaceable time spent with family and friends and on activities that enrich them outside of work.

  • In one recent study, employees with flexible schedules reported 39 percent higher productivity rates and 64 percent stronger focus on their work.
  • An American Sociological Review study found that workers with flexible hours slept better, felt healthier and were less stressed than those on more rigid work schedules.

Remember to make a life.

Take Dolly Parton’s words to heart and occasionally, if not more often, make time to put your personal needs before work. This will help you find more joy overall, throughout each day.

  • Indulge in self-care. This can mean anything from a yoga class to guitar lessons or time out each day for meditation: anything that makes you feel less stressed and better able to tackle your responsibilities with a clear mind.
  • Pursuing passions outside of work helps spark innovative ideas. It becomes a win-win situation, as the more well-rounded you are, the more likely you’ll be to apply creative solutions to both work and non-work issues.

Work when you are most productive.

Experts, including author Tony Schwartz, agree that while it’s important to work intensely and distraction free for set periods of time, it’s equally critical to take regular breaks to recover and reenergize. Flexibility allows you to get everything accomplished during the hours that work best for you, avoiding burnout caused by feeling glued to a desk even during your unproductive periods.

Gain a sense of autonomy.

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to-do list.” (Former First Lady Michelle Obama)

What it all boils down to is this: Results matter more than the specific hours a person works. Having control over your schedule empowers you to feel fully in charge of both your professional and personal lives – and helps builds relationships of mutual employee/employer trust.

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