Does Anyone Care About The Behind-The-Scenes Social Posts Of Your Business? The Answer May Shock You!

If you own your own business, it can be challenging to know how much personal content to share on your company social platforms. Your ultimate goal, of course, is to grow your business, but you still need to strike a balance with your personal life.

Another question worth pondering: How widely do you want to open that curtain and let people see what’s happening inside your company? On one hand, this can be a great way to build trust and connection to your product or service and the people who make it happen. But on the other hand, too much is too much.

Know Your Audience

As you answer these questions, ask yourself one more: Do your personal and business brands have similar audiences?

Often, personal content that’s also relevant to your company can help you build a more authentic brand to which your customers can naturally relate. Consider whether or not:

  • Your business relies heavily on your personal image.
  • The things your target audiences look for on your business accounts are similar to those they seek out on your personal accounts.
  • How much value there is in sharing personal updates with your business audience.

 Two Scenarios

Your reflection on these questions may lead you to two possible conclusions:

  1. Your business relies significantly on your personal brand. If your company is an extension of who you are as a person, then people are likely used to seeing you as the face of your company. In this case, by being regularly present on your business accounts, you help build trust and authenticity with current and potential customers, including job candidates. Yours won’t be perceived as just another company, but rather a product or service with a real person behind it.
  2. Your business stands alone, separate from your personal image. In this case, you and your company are distinct and different entities. There’s no significant overlap in audiences, so create a personality and voice that are unique to your business. Include information about yourself, but only as it directly relates to your work. For instance, you might want to share the story of how you started and grew your company or how you use your product yourself.

Common Denominators

Each of the above approaches is a good one – as long as you choose the option that best suits you and your company. Whichever strategy is right for you, people are following your business to learn more about it. Get to know your target audiences and what they’re looking for. As you do so, keep an eye on your metrics to determine what specific type of content engages them the most.

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