How are Business Strategies Shifting to Accommodate the Future Workplace?

Unless you’ve spent the past three years living under that proverbial rock, you’re well aware that society, people’s values and lifestyles, and the workplace have undergone some seismic shifts. Among the leading factors driving this change have been pandemic-driven health issues, including around mental health and overall well-being.

What does it all mean for today’s – and tomorrow’s – workplace and business trends? Here’s a snapshot:

Managers will continue to address new realities and responsibilities.

It’s not just about managing day-to-day operations and evaluating performance. Today’s managers need to be coaches, teachers and in some cases, mentors – doing so with empathy and understanding of each employee’s unique career and life needs. Training in communications, active listening and conflict prevention and resolution is a worthwhile investment.

Smart machines will continue to automate workplaces.

There will always be a need for high-performing human talent, but the use of smart machines, software, apps and avatars will continue to increase with each new technological stride. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools will be more and more accessible for both personal and team tasks. Part of this picture is employees carrying their workplaces with them using cloud communities, open apps and personal virtual assistants.

  • Rather than fear technology or pretend it’s not happening, embrace it and educate your workforce to do the same. As part of your ongoing MO, give them the resources and support they need for continued success.

People will be working for more than just a paycheck.

More than ever before, top talent is seeking employers whose values, mission and purpose align with their own. This takes the importance of cultural fit in hiring and retention to a new level.

  • Support your employees as they support others. Create initiatives for them to share their personal stories and commitments to various social issues – and build that support into your plans to not only have people’s backs, but also contribute to the greater community good.

Companies will need to invest more in health and safety.

The pandemic shone an unprecedented light on health and safety issues – not only reconfiguring your workplace to prevent infection, but also on addressing people’s mental, as well as physical health.

  • Continue to offer remote and hybrid work options, as well as job sharing and flexibility, as much as possible.
  • Do you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? If not, think seriously about starting one. If so, what can you do to enhance the services offered? Last but not least, can you build better mental health coverage and resources into your benefits packages?

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