Is Opportunity the Key to Solidifying Your Recruitment Strategy?

Every business is different – and a successful recruitment strategy depends on your company’s unique needs and the specific type of candidate you’re trying to hire. But as you iron out the details, regardless of the size, culture, location or personality of your company, it’s always important to be intentional and take every relevant opportunity to continuously improve your plan for landing top talent. And there are some common denominators along the way:

Start by assessing your current policies.

Review your existing recruitment policies and practices and make sure they align with your company’s larger business plan. Hiring budgets should go hand in hand with this. In addition, this will help you to pinpoint corporate priorities, compensation levels, and ebbs and flows in your recruiting needs, such as seasonal or customer-driven peak periods.

  • Take a look at your competition, too. See what others are doing and identify best practices that may also be applicable at your company – with whatever tweaking is necessary to make them your own.

Solicit feedback: it is invaluable.

Gather feedback from key stakeholders in your hiring process. In addition to hiring managers, senior leaders, employees and your HR team, this includes one of your strongest sources: job candidates.

  • Feedback from applicants is key to improving candidate experience. It can also help you streamline your process, as it tells you what works and doesn’t work.
  • Don’t overlook the opportunity to collect feedback from candidates you didn’t hire. In fact they often tend to be more open and willing to express their views. Every candidate interaction you have is a valuable chance to show people what kind of company you are.

Identify any gaps in your current workforce.

There are inevitable skills gaps at every company and in every industry, especially in today’s candidate-driven job market. You can identify exactly where and how severe they are within your organization using a number of channels. These include careful study of employee performance via key performance indicators (KPIs), assessments, and 360-degree reviews. First-hand observation of how staff operate during their workday can also contribute to a more comprehensive review.

Use technology to your advantage.

You’ll be behind the competitive eight ball if you haven’t tapped into HR technology to help you fine tune your recruitment strategy. Options to consider include implementing or updating your current applicant tracking system (ATS). You can also use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools for such tasks as targeting candidates with job ads, prescreening and ranking resumes for review, assisting with interviewing, and answering FAQs using a chatbot.

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