There Are Many Reasons Why Empathy Matters in the Workplace

Empathy can be undervalued in workplaces, even though employees often consider it a key trait for their managers to display. Yet, for managers who understand the value of empathy, they can help their workers become more productive than ever before.

Ultimately, there are many reasons for managers to prioritize empathy in the workplace, such as:

1. You Can Foster a Successful Culture

Empathetic managers understand the needs of their employees and find ways to support their workers. In doing so, these managers can foster a culture built on collaboration, communication, and openness.

By displaying empathy, a manager can show staff members that they want to help them in any way possible. The manager won’t always understand the root cause of a worker’s problem but is willing to listen to them. That way, this manager can lay the groundwork for a culture where all personnel respect one another and ensure this culture resonates across all departments.

2. You Can Build Trust

Thanks to empathy, a manager can get employee buy-in that leads to unprecedented results. An empathetic manager devotes the time, energy, and resources to learn about their team and its expectations. As a result, this manager can find ways to build trust with workers, provide them with plenty of support, and ensure each employee is well-equipped to provide exceptional contributions.

If employees feel like they are heard and seen by their managers, they become increasingly likely to support an organization’s quest to accomplish its short- and long-term goals. Over time, these employees may remain loyal to an organization — and do whatever they can to help this organization thrive.

3. You Can Help Employees Accomplish Their Career Aspirations

With empathy, a manager can find out what its employees want to accomplish in their careers. This manager can then help their workers find the best ways to achieve their career aspirations.

An empathetic manager can make it easy for an organization to retain top talent, too. Job seekers are drawn to organizations where they can provide meaningful contributions and pursue their career goals. Thus, if managers show empathy, they can boost their organization’s likelihood to stand out from others. This can help an organization attract top talent and gain a long-lasting competitive edge over its industry rivals.

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Displaying empathy is one thing that managers can do to stay connected to workers and help them achieve the best possible results. In addition to prioritizing empathy among its workforce, an organization can partner with a staffing firm to hire skilled professionals.

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