The Do’s and Don’ts of Company Holiday Parties

Your annual company holiday party can be great – or not.

If you’re the outgoing type who relishes every opportunity to celebrate and socialize, seeing that invitation land in your inbox will likely make you want to break into a happy dance. On the other hand, if you’re an introvert, it may make you break out in hives, mentally if not physically.

Chances are, you’re somewhere in between. But regardless, always keep the “company” in “company party.” This can mean sharing good company: recognizing the year’s achievements with those you’ve worked with, as well as getting to know new colleagues and managers. But equally importantly, the event is company sponsored. As such, you need to keep things professional, even as you relax and enjoy.

Do: Have Fun and Boost Your Career

It’s not all about work or your own plans (in fact, it’s good to take a break from all that), but be savvy as you interact with others. Because, in the long run, the impressions you make will matter. So be sure you:

  • Respond to the invitation – with a “yes” if possible. Make every effort to attend. But whether you do or not, respond to the invitation in a timely manner. Failing to do so sends a negative message, not to mention making things difficult for whomever is responsible for planning.
  • Dress appropriately. Even if the theme is ugly sweaters, be a good sport and go with it. Don’t underdress or overdress, and leave anything risqué or otherwise inappropriate at home.
  • It’s okay to spend time with your work friends, of course. But also try connecting with other colleagues, including managers and senior executives. Don’t monopolize anyone’s time for very long, but do make an effort to reach out.

Don’t: Make Costly Faux Pas

These tips should be pretty obvious, but especially if you get nervous or edgy about being at the party, you may lose sight of some critical “don’ts” when it comes to proper behavior. These include:

  • Drinking too much: If in doubt, set your limits lower in terms of how much alcohol you consume. This is always critical, and company events are most certainly no exception.
  • Telling off-color jokes: It’s a party, so light-hearted conversation is part of the fun. But anything off-color or even potentially offensive or foul is off limits. Period.
  • Flirting or making inappropriate advances: See above. Work rules and policies apply here just as if you were at your office or workstation.

One last tip: Have fun! And make this year’s company holiday party an event you – and others – will remember in a good way.

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