How to Tell If You’re Experiencing Burnout

You can work a healthcare job and experience burnout without realizing it. In this instance, burnout symptoms can escalate. If they go untreated, they can have far-flung effects on your physical and mental health.

Do not let burnout symptoms get out of hand. Here are three ways you can tell if you are coping with this issue, along with tips to help you manage it.

1. You Feel Increasingly Irritated or Annoyed at Work.

Burnout can cause you to feel worn down. If you feel tired, it can be tough to deal with patients and coworkers. At these times, you can become irritated or annoyed at work. The result: you may inadvertently lash out at others.

If you feel irritated or annoyed at your job, let your manager know. At this point, you and your manager can help you find safe, healthy ways to cope with your feelings. Your manager may even recommend taking some time off from work so you can revitalize your mind and body.

2. You Have Trouble Sleeping at Night.

There can be times where job-related stress and anxiety gets the best of you outside of work. As such, you may have trouble falling asleep at night. And when you wake up to go to work, you may start your shift feeling exhausted.

For those struggling to get a good night’s rest, adjust your sleep habits. For instance, you can turn off your smartphone and other electronics a few hours before bedtime. You can also revamp your bedroom to ensure your space is quiet and peaceful. Then, you’ll be well-equipped to sleep comfortably at night.

3. You Are Using Drugs or Alcohol to Help You Cope with Your Feelings.

It may be tempting to use drugs or alcohol to manage stress, anxiety, and other burnout symptoms. Regardless, drugs and alcohol are never the answer. They can be addictive and contribute to serious health issues.

At the first sign of drug or alcohol dependence, consult with a doctor. Next, a doctor can perform a medical evaluation. The doctor can then offer personalized tips and guidance to help you manage your burnout symptoms.

Why You Need to Address Burnout Before It’s Too Late

Burnout will not disappear on its own. The problem can crop up without notice and impact your short- and long-term health. It can also affect your ability to do your job to the best of your ability and your relationships with family members and friends.

If you may be dealing with burnout, seek help immediately. Meet with your manager to discuss your burnout concerns. Also, reach out to a doctor who can help you identify the best ways to manage burnout moving forward.

Find a Healthcare Job That Suits You Perfectly

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