How to Ace Your Video Interview

You want your video interview to be a success. To achieve your goal, you should plan ahead for your virtual interview. That way, you’re well-equipped to impress your interviewer when you meet with him or her.

Now, let’s look at five tips to help you ace your video interview.

1. Treat Your Video Interview in the Same Way You Would Treat an In-Person Meeting

Take your video meeting seriously. Dress in the same way you would for an in-person interview. Also, arrive on schedule and listen closely to what your interviewer has to say.

A video interview deserves the time, energy, and resources of an in-person meeting. By treating a video meeting with precision and care, you can prepare accordingly. As such, you can make a positive impression on your interviewer during your virtual session.

2. Test Your Technology

Verify your computer, speakers, and other video interviewing technology work as expected. It helps to test them at least a day before your interview. If you identify any tech issues, address them immediately. Or, if you cannot resolve them, notify your interviewer immediately.

Of course, it helps to get accustomed to using video interviewing tech before your meeting. Listen to yourself speak and view your video when you test the technology. This helps ensure your interviewer can hear and see you clearly during your meeting.

3. Make Good Eye Contact

Look directly into your camera when you speak with your interviewer. This helps your interviewer see that you are trying to make good eye contact with him or her.

Keep your camera a comfortable distance from your face. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to look straight into the camera instead of looking down. In addition, ensure the camera is centered. Then, you can sit naturally and look directly into the camera to make good eye contact with your interviewer.

4. Conduct a Mock Video Interview

Ask a friend or family member to meet with you through video chat and conduct a mock interview. This helps you get acclimated to your video interview tech. It also allows you to get more comfortable receiving and answering interview questions.

Get feedback from the friend or family member who works with you during your mock interview. Apply this feedback as you prepare for your video meeting. In doing so, you can minimize the risk of mistakes when you meet with your interviewer.

5. Find a Quiet Spot for Your Interview

Set up a quiet space in your home for your video meeting. The space should be free of distractions and allow you to focus exclusively on your meeting.

If family members will be home, let them know about your video session. This limits the risk that family members may inadvertently interrupt you during your session.

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