3 Ways to Properly Research a Company’s Culture

You may believe you’re a great fit for a business. But, upon further review, you may quickly discover you won’t necessarily fit within the company’s culture.

Ultimately, you need to learn as much as you can about a business’ culture. This ensures that you can determine if you are the right fit for a business.

Tips to Research a Company’s Culture

It can be tough to determine if you will fit within a company’s culture. Since you aren’t yet a part of the business’ culture, you’ll need to conduct research.

Research is key, particularly when determining if you can thrive within a company’s culture. To properly research a business’ culture, you should:

1. Look Online

Google the company’s name and go from there. Initially, you can visit the business’ website and see what the company is all about. You can then see if past or current employees have published company reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed.

Online research gives you a glimpse into how a business showcases itself to a global audience. Plus, it allows you to find out how a company engages with clients, employees, and others.

2. Connect with the Company’s Employees

Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms to engage with the company’s employees. Introduce yourself and explain that you want to learn about the business. In most instances, a company’s employees will be happy to connect with you.

It does not take long to craft a message to send to a company’s employees. Meanwhile, each message you send can provide insights you can use to assess its culture.

3. Ask Questions During the Interview Process

Capitalize on interview opportunities and use them to evaluate a company’s culture. Ask an interviewer for details about a business’ culture. If you need more information, request to speak with other employees.

You and a company share the same goal: to ensure that you can deliver meaningful business contributions. To accomplish this goal, it helps to ask questions about a company’s culture during the interview process. Remember, there is no such thing as a “bad” question to ask if you are on the fence about a job. If you address your concerns during the interview process, you can determine if you can thrive within a business culture.

The Bottom Line on Researching a Company’s Culture

Culture should be an important consideration as you weigh the pros and cons of a particular job. If you conduct research and find you are not a good cultural fit for a business, look elsewhere for job opportunities. Or, if your research leads you to believe that you can succeed within a company’s culture, you can hit the ground running if you join this business.

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