Empathy in the Workplace: Why Does It Matter?

Empathy can be a difference-maker in your workplace. Managers can show employees they care about their health and wellbeing and help them feel comfortable and safe at work. In addition, they can display empathy that minimizes work-related stress. The result: employees can feel calm, cool, and collected and perform their best.

Research indicates most employees believe empathy can be learned. If you prioritize empathy, you can bolster your management skills.

How to Display Empathy in the Workplace

There are several things you can do to show empathy at work. These include:

1. Be an Active Listener

Listen to what your employees have to say, along with their non-verbal cues. Then, you can actively listen to your workers and provide them with appropriate responses.

Active listeners pay attention and strive to understand others. Thus, if you actively listen to your workers, you can learn from them. Next, you can respond to your workers in ways that help them feel supported. As a result, your workers can recognize how much you care about them. This can lead to an increase in worker satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Avoid Judgements

Resist the urge to make judgments. In a conversation with an employee, acknowledge their viewpoint. But, do not interject your opinions into the conversation.

It can be difficult to avoid judging an employee’s conversation, particularly if you disagree with a worker’s opinion. However, you should strive to show your employee you value them and what they have to say, even if you do not agree with it. Thus, it pays to take an objective approach to worker conversations. In doing so, you can listen to a worker without the risk of creating a conflict with them.

3. Follow Up with Employees

Maintain open communication with your employees. If you converse with a worker, follow up with them. You can continue to do so in the foreseeable future as well. As a result, you can ensure this employee knows you are available to support them in any way possible.

Encourage your workers to come forward with any concerns or questions as well. No question is too big or too small for the best managers. If your employees are struggling, do your part to help them. This enables you to identify and address workplace issues before they escalate. Plus, it allows your employees to get the help they need any time they need it.

Prioritize Empathy at Work

Show empathy to your employees every day, without exception. This can help you foster positive relationships with your workers, leading to outstanding results across your business.

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