5 Benefits of New Healthcare Professionals to Work in Long-Term Care

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As a new healthcare professional, deciding how to launch your career isn’t always easy. While many newly-minted healthcare specialists may assume that hospitals or doctor’s offices are their best or only option, overlooking the potential of long-term care jobs in NC and SC can be a mistake. By heading to a long-term care facility, you may experience benefits you can’t get in other environments.

Whether you’re managing your own job search or are working with a healthcare recruiter or medical staffing firm, exploring opportunities at long-term care facilities can be a wise move. Here’s a look at five benefits new healthcare professionals can enjoy by working in long-term care.

5 Benefits of New Healthcare Professionals to Work in Long-Term Care

1. More Variety

Remaining engaged at work is essential if you want your career to thrive. By pursuing a position with a long-term care facility, you’ll get the benefit of variety. No two days are ever alike. Plus, residents can have a range of needs. As a result, you’ll get to explore more aspects of healthcare.

Since you aren’t focused on a single type of task or patients with specific medical needs, you’ll get to hone a wider variety of skills. This can make you a stronger candidate down the road.

Additionally, you’ll encounter a broader range of challenges regularly, keeping the work interesting. When your job is engaging, your performance tends to rise. Further, it can reduce your odds of burnout by boosting job satisfaction.

2. Access to More Shift Options

Many traditional medical jobs you find listed on job boards or through some healthcare staffing firms in SC and NC only offer a standard day shift. For example, doctor’s offices and many specialty clinics tend to only run during daytime hours. While that’s fine if a dayshift is what you’re after, a traditional 8-to-5 doesn’t meet everyone’s needs.

By exploring long-term care jobs with your healthcare recruiter, you can find more shift options. For example, you may see shifts that start earlier in the morning, allowing you to work from 6-to-3 instead of a traditional schedule. Additionally, swing and night shift positions are often available. That makes a long-term care facility job a perfect match for night owls or professionals with energy level peaks in the afternoon.

3. Exceptional Job Security

While general demand for healthcare professionals is high, you get exceptional job security after accepting a position in a long-term care facility through a healthcare staffing firm. Today, the population is aging. As a result, demand for healthcare professionals with experience assisting the elderly will only continue to rise.

Since demand is increasing, new healthcare professionals who start their careers in long-term care today may be able to move up the ladder more quickly, as well. Along with needing medical professionals to handle daily tasks, the need for skilled managers is also on the rise. Once you gain experience, shifting up into a leadership position may be easier in long-term care than in other facilities. It gives you the chance to boost your career trajectory, ensuring you can work your way up faster than you previously thought possible.

4. Making a Difference

While patients in traditional medical settings certainly need assistance, residents in long-term care facilities often need far more support on a daily basis. By partnering with a healthcare recruiter and securing a job in a long-term care facility, you get to make a real difference in residents’ lives.

Along with tending to their medical needs, you’ll make sure that every day goes a bit better by helping them navigate challenges and to maintain dignity. Plus, you’ll become an advocate for their care, ensuring they get the time, attention, and respect they deserve.

Often, your efforts are openly and regularly recognized. Residents typically express their appreciation whenever they receive assistance from a medical professional, even if the action seems small. This can make the work incredibly rewarding, as you’ll know without a doubt that you’re making a real difference in someone’s life.

5. Relationships with Residents

While all healthcare professionals have a chance to cultivate relationships with people under their care, few get the ability to forge strong connections as those working in long-term care facilities. In that environment, you aren’t just assisting with a person’s medical needs; you’re an integral part of their daily life.

Since you’ll interact with residents more often, you’ll get opportunities to learn about their lives. Every resident has a unique story, and they may have some powerful life lessons to share that can help you thrive at work and during your personal time.

Many healthcare professionals who find long-term care facility jobs through medical staffing agencies or job boards feel that the residents are like family. Plus, you may have a chance to bond with their family members, too. In the end, it can feel like a very tight-knit community, making the work even more meaningful.

Partnering with a Healthcare Recruiter to Find Opportunities in Long-Term Care Facilities

Finding exceptional opportunities at long-term care facilities doesn’t have to be a challenge. By partnering with a healthcare staffing firm, you can find out about high-quality positions faster.

Plus, you’ll get support from your healthcare recruiter. Along with ensuring you find the right job based on your needs and preferences, they can assist with resume writing, interview preparation, and more, increasing the odds you’ll land the role.

If you’re ready to find your new healthcare job, the team at Accurate Staffing can help you take your healthcare career to the next level. Contact us to speak with a healthcare recruiter today and see how our medical staffing services in SC and NC can benefit you.

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