5 Tips for First-Time Managers

It is common for first-time managers to feel stressed and anxious. However, it is important to take a deep breath and relax. A first-time manager can quickly become a top leader within their organization. If this manager remains calm, cool, and collected, they can climb the corporate ladder and accelerate their career growth.

Now, let’s look at five tips to help a first-time manager hit the ground running.

1. Take Advantage of Situational Leadership

Learn the ins and outs of situational leadership, i.e., an adaptive leadership model that promotes flexibility. A situational leader evaluates a work environment and tailors their approach accordingly. As such, they can thrive, regardless of workspace. It can be tough to grasp situational leadership instantly. But, if you remain flexible and willing to learn, you can become an effective situational leader.

2. Serve As an Active Listener

Practice active listening to the point where you can hear what others are saying and empathize with them. An active listener can pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues in a conversation. They can also provide appropriate responses in any conversation, with any individual, at any time. To become an active listener, focus exclusively on a conversation. Listen to what someone is saying, along with their tone, facial expressions, and hand gestures. From here, you can start to understand how others are feeling. And you can use these insights to provide support and guidance as needed.

3. Cope with Employee Performance Issues

Address employee performance issues head-on. Remember, the longer you let a performance problem linger, the worse it can become. Yet, if you meet with a worker and discuss your performance concerns with them, you and your employee can explore solutions. Plus, you and your employee can lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties trust one another.

4. Be Accessible

Encourage workers to come forward with any concerns or questions. If you keep the lines of communication open with your employees, you can work with them to solve problems before they escalate. In addition, you and your employees can avoid miscommunications that otherwise hamper your business’ success.

5. Treat Everyone with Respect

Follow the “Golden Rule” and treat every employee and superior with the respect that they deserve. All personnel works together to accomplish common goals across your company. If you express gratitude and appreciation toward others, they likely will do the same toward you. The result: all workers can treat one another with respect, and your company fosters a positive culture.

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