What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse?

Those who want a rewarding career may wish to consider becoming a registered nurse (RN). There are many benefits of becoming an RN, including:

1. High Demand

Demand for RNs is projected to increase at a rate of 7% between 2019 and 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This indicates RN jobs will be available in cities and towns nationwide in the years to come. As such, becoming an RN can provide you with opportunities to pursue a role in the city or town of your choice.

2. Job Flexibility

If you’re considering full- and part-time jobs, becoming an RN may be right for you. Hospitals, retirement homes, and other facilities that require RNs often provide these nurses with the flexibility to choose shifts that work for them. Therefore, as an RN, you can find a job that likely won’t force you to rework your everyday schedule.

3. Overtime Opportunities

Along with offering unparalleled flexibility in terms of scheduling, RNs can frequently take advantage of overtime opportunities. Therefore, you may have the opportunity to earn as much as you’d like when you work as an RN.

4. Outstanding Pay

BLS reports the average annual salary of RNs is $75,330; comparatively, the average yearly salary across all occupations is $56,310. Thus, when you work as an RN, you’re likely to earn an above-average salary.

5. Physical Activity

RNs get plenty of exercise throughout the day. So, if you want a role where you’re regularly on the move, becoming an RN may be the right choice.

6. Job Security

If you want a job that becomes a career, look no further than becoming an RN. Many RNs join a healthcare organization and stay with it for an extended period. This is because working as an RN offers exceptional job security.

7. Work Environment

No two days are ever the same as an RN. Meanwhile, RNs work with doctors and other team members who provide ample support day after day. If you work as an RN, you can contribute to an amazing work environment. In the long run, an RN can make a big difference in the lives of coworkers and patients, too.

The Bottom Line on Becoming a Registered Nurse

There’s a lot to like about becoming an RN, but this role is not right for everyone. To determine if serving as an RN is right for you, it can be beneficial to meet with nurses. This allows you to learn what it’s like to work in a healthcare organization. It can also help you gain valuable insights to help you identify the right career path.

If you ultimately decide to pursue RN jobs, Accurate Staffing can provide assistance. Our healthcare division can keep you in the loop regarding RN roles in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia that align with your career aspirations. To learn more, please contact us today.

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