How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview

A job interview represents a wonderful opportunity to grow your career — and you intend to make the most of it. But you may inadvertently damage your chances of putting your best foot forward during an interview if you become anxious about it.  

Stress and anxiety are common in the time leading up to a job interview. Yet, those who feel stressed or anxious may go above and beyond the call of duty to prepare for an interview.   

On the other hand, if your nerves become too much to handle, they can cause you to make mistakes during a job interview. And, in this scenario, you risk missing out on a chance to land your dream job.   

5 Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview 

Those who feel nervous before an interview should take a deep breath and try not to panic. At this point, use the following tips to calm your nerves before your interview.   

  1. Take a Walk

Spending even a few minutes on a walk can make a world of difference. During your walk, you can focus on your surroundings. This can help you take your mind off your job interview. Ultimately, walking can help you feel more relaxed before your interview, too.  

  1. Enjoy a Good Meal

No interviewer wants to hear your stomach grumble during a job interview. To avoid this problem, enjoy a good meal before your interview. The meal can be anything you’d like from a salad loaded with spinach, carrots, and other antioxidant-rich vegetables to a pizza covered with your favorite toppings. Treat yourself to a delicious meal before your interview, and you can minimize your stress levels and keep your hunger pangs at bay during your meeting.   

  1. Listen to Music

If you find yourself cycling through the worst-case interview scenarios, listen to music or a podcast. This allows you to shift your focus away from negative thoughts that can crop up before your interview. Plus, it may help you feel energized and excited as you get ready for your meeting.   

  1. Call a Friend

Get in touch with a friend to share your thoughts and feelings before your job interview. A friend can offer guidance as you prepare for your interview. In addition, you can take solace in the fact that your friend is happy to support you, regardless of how your interview turns out.    

  1. Reward Yourself

Plan to do something fun following your interview. For example, you can schedule a massage or plan to see a movie with a friend after your meeting. With a post-interview plan in place, you can look forward to rewarding yourself for performing your best during your interview.  

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