The Impact of Unfilled Industrial Jobs: How Hiring Delays Affect Your Bottom Line

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If you’re having trouble staffing your business in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, you are not alone. Although the Great Resignation is behind us, the labor market remains extremely tight. But when your industrial jobs go unfilled, it can lead to a massive downturn in productivity. After all, everyone can only be in one spot on the line at any time. If you’re constantly playing catch-up due to open positions, you’ll want to fill them as soon as possible. Fortunately, a light industrial temp agency can help.


What Potential Reasons Could Cause a Delay in Filling Industrial Jobs Promptly?

There are a few different factors that all play a role in making industrial jobs tough to fill these days. Some of the most common include:


  • The low unemployment rate allows workers to be choosy.
  • Older light industrial employees are retiring in significant numbers.
  • Many younger workers don’t consider light industrial work a long-term career path.
  • Pandemic-related issues such as surging demand and snarled supply chains created a backlog that is only now starting to clear.


Why Should Industrial Companies Prioritize Filling Open Jobs Sooner Rather than Later?

Leaving jobs open for an extended period can harshly affect your company, employees, and bottom line. Here are just three reasons to prioritize staffing:


Stop Productivity Levels from Decreasing

Light industrial work depends on a fully staffed line. You simply can’t operate at peak efficiency without a complete team. It’s generally possible to shuffle people around to ensure that the most critical needs are met, but you might have to run at partial capacity during one or more shifts. You might have to shut down a shift if it gets bad enough. This means fulfilling fewer orders, which can wreak havoc on your bottom line.


Prevent Paying Overtime to Existing Employees

When trying to get by with fewer workers, your existing team members have to pick up the slack. This often means paying expensive overtime. If your staffing shortage lasts more than a few weeks, this can easily turn into a lot more money than simply filling those open roles.


Avert Employee Burnout

Your team members want to do a good job for you. If you’ve built loyalty and trust with them, they are likely to jump in with both feet to help keep things moving during the tough times. But they’re only human, and there is only so much that any one person can give. If you continue to work them at their absolute maximum level of performance, they will eventually burn out. Signs of employee burnout include, but are not limited to:


  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of motivation
  • Reduced productivity
  • Missing work
  • General negativity
  • Headaches and other physical pains


Burnout won’t take care of itself. Once you start seeing the signs, you must address them immediately. Otherwise, you risk worsening your employees’ mental and physical health. Ultimately, you might even find more open positions as current team members begin to quit.


Top 3 Ways to Fill Jobs Faster with a Light Industrial Temp Agency

Although this may all sound pretty dire, help is available. Light industrial staffing services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are ready to assist you with your hiring needs. Here are three ways that we can get your jobs filled faster and get your company back on track:


Light Industrial Temp Agencies Provide Flexible Staffing Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of working with a light industrial temp agency is our flexibility. We can hire temporary employees to get your projects moving quickly and help you recruit and onboard full-time workers. Or we can provide nearly any customized solution you can imagine, whether you are experiencing a sudden surge in demand or a key employee just went on parental leave. We offer:


  • Temporary staffing. This is typically the best option if you need employees only for a short period of time. We’ll provide as many fully vetted, highly qualified people as you require for however long you need their services.
  • Temp-to-hire. This solution can be a great choice when you aren’t sure whether you will need someone full-time. Perhaps you’re ramping up production or testing a new line of products, and you aren’t ready to commit to new long-term employees. Or maybe you’ve met a candidate you like but don’t quite know if they have the exact skills you need. Either way, we’ll write up a temporary contract with the option to extend it.
  • Direct hire. Our direct hire services may suit you if you know exactly how many full-time workers you want. We will do the heavy lifting of finding and recruiting candidates. We’ll then present you with a short list of people ready to go on Day One. Once you select your favorite, we can even assist with onboarding.


Prioritize Quick Response Times

We understand that you need people as soon as possible and may have urgent questions. That’s why we carefully prioritize rapid response times. We take the time to sit down with each client at the very beginning of our partnership to understand your business needs and goals. That way, we are ready to respond quickly to staffing issues.


Have a Pipeline of Qualified Candidates Readily Available

At a light industrial staffing agency, recruiting is our core business. If you try to hire new team members independently, you’ll have to go through the often lengthy and frustrating process of locating and recruiting qualified candidates. But when you work with us, you will gain access to our constantly updated list of well-qualified people. This enables us to shorten the time to fill your positions, whether you want temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire employees.


Avoid Hiring Delays: Partner with a Light Industrial Staffing Agency Serving in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

At family-owned Accurate Staffing, matching candidates with the right open positions isn’t just a job. It’s a calling. With nearly 40 years of experience, we have deep connections throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We understand how difficult it can be to fill your open roles in today’s labor market and the toll that chronically unfilled positions can take on your company. We pride ourselves on offering customized light industrial staffing solutions to meet each company’s unique needs. To get started, request an employee today.

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