Build a Brand that Top Talent Wants to Work For

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Today’s job candidates are sitting in the cat-bird seat. In other words, they can pick and choose where they want to pursue their careers. As they do so, to continue this feline analogy, they don’t just pounce and randomly apply for jobs. Rather, they carefully research potential employers to get a good sense of what… Read More »

We Need to Be Having Conversations About Race in the Workplace

In recent years, the global pandemic, civil unrest, and political and economic upheaval have made people feel divided and uncertain, possibly more so than ever before. So, having ongoing conversations that cultivate multi-cultural tolerance and mutual understanding is increasingly important – in society and at work. Seek First to Understand When trying to build relationships… Read More »

Why You Should Research Company Culture Before You Apply

Company culture is an important consideration for job seekers. As you look for your dream job, it helps to consider a business’ culture. There are several reasons why: 1. You Can See How Company Culture Impacts Employee Morale. The best businesses want employees to feel great about their jobs. They also devote time, energy, and… Read More »