What Are the Benefits of Using Temporary-to-Hire Employees?

Your business seeks top talent, but adding skilled professionals to your team remains an ongoing challenge. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge: use temporary-to-hire employees.

There are many reasons why businesses employ temp-to-hire workers, including:

1. You Can Find Out If an Employee Is a Good Fit for Your Business

A temp-to-hire employee gives you a chance to evaluate a worker’s abilities in a real-world environment. As such, it can help you determine if an employee is a good candidate for a full-time role with your business.

The risk associated with adding a temp-to-hire employee is significantly less than hiring a full-time staff member. If a temp-to-hire employee does not work out, you can dismiss this worker at the end of their contract. On the other hand, if a temp-to-hire employee helps your company accomplish its goals, you can make him or her a permanent addition to your team.

2. You Can Avoid Unemployment Costs

A permanent employee who is dismissed shortly after he or she is hired may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Additionally, this worker may file a wrongful claim that puts your business in danger. If you employ a temp-to-hire worker, however, you can avoid these issues altogether.

Temp-to-hire employees are added without a guarantee of permanent employment, and they understand the opportunities and risks associated with joining your company temporarily. Thus, temp-to-hire employees often work diligently to show they are worthy of a permanent role. If you believe a temp-to-hire worker deserves a full-time position, you can submit an offer to him or her at your convenience.

3. You Won’t Have to Worry About Providing Benefits

When you hire a permanent employee, you may need to account for the cost of healthcare coverage, paid time-off, a retirement plan, and other benefits. Conversely, when you add a temp-to-hire employee, you won’t have to stress about these expenses.

You are not required to provide benefits to a temp-to-hire employee. You are still responsible for providing this worker with overtime pay and worker’s compensation when applicable. If you eventually decide to add a temp-to-hire worker on a full-time basis, you can offer benefits later.

4. You Can Help a Worker Ease into a Full-Time Role

A temp-to-hire worker can be hired quickly, so he or she can fill an immediate need for your business. Plus, a temp-to-hire employee can learn your business’ policies and procedures and become more comfortable with them over time. And when this employee knows the ins and outs of these policies and procedures, they may be ready to join your company full-time.

Temp-to-hire workers can provide valuable contributions at businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for talented professionals, you may want to explore opportunities to add temp-to-hire workers.

Identify Quality Temp-to-Hire Workers

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